History of the Sword

Four millennia are represented in this collection, which ranges from Bronze Age swords to modern military sabres.


The brightly coloured surcoat and shield of the armoured knight identified him to his comrades on the battlefield, indicated his status, and showed his relationship to his family.

Fight Books

Fighting masters were employed in Mediaeval and Renaissance Europe both to train armies and tutor young noblemen in the arts of war.

History Books & Fight Manuals

In our store you can find an array of materials: History books to provide context to our Martial Arts and the people who developed them; commentaries and training guides by leading scholars and practitioners; as well as translations and facsimiles of the ancient treatises themselves.

Plate Armour

Beneath the armour's beauty and craftsmanship remained the serious function of defending the body from harm.

Weapons of War

Weapon of the common man, who had only to attach a sharpened piece of metal to a stout staff to make himself the bane of armoured horsemen, the pole arm was the mainstay of many European infantries.