• History of the Sword
    History of the Sword
    Four millennia are represented in this collection, which ranges from Bronze Age swords to modern military sabres.
  • Heraldry
    The brightly coloured surcoat and shield of the armoured knight identified him to his comrades on the battlefield, indicated his status, and showed his relationship to his family.
  • Fight Books
    Fight Books
    Fighting masters were employed in Mediaeval and Renaissance Europe both to train armies and tutor young noblemen in the arts of war.
  • Weapons of War
    Weapons of War
    Weapon of the common man, who had only to attach a sharpened piece of metal to a stout staff to make himself the bane of armoured horsemen, the pole arm was the mainstay of many European infantries.
  • Plate Armour
    Plate Armour
    Beneath the armour's beauty and craftsmanship remained the serious function of defending the body from harm.