Testimonials from our Adult Members

My wife and I thought we’d try out the free class for the novelty of it, take pictures of us doing it, and that would be that. We ended up enrolling for a full course after that, and since then have come back month after month for lessons. This is one of the most intriguing martial arts I’ve ever tried, where age, gender, or size has almost no bearing in how good you are. Within a month I noticed an increase in the strength in my legs and arms and a healthy increase in my stamina. Definitely a lot more enjoyable than going to the gym, plus you get to learn a martial art, PLUS you get to use swords.

– Ricardo Tanseco

I find in order to “work out” I need a challenge, competition, something to keep my mind active and is not repetitive (aka boring). Swordfit fills that requirement completely in my mind which is why coming 4-5 days a week is not a problem for me. It’s fun!

– James Michek

Duello is… a family, a place to geek out with swords and relax, a challenge to our minds and bodies.

– Matheus Olmedo

Academie Duello has become an integral part of my life since my first free swordplay lesson over seven years ago. I only have the highest praise for Devon Boorman and his staff, past and present, and cannot truly describe in words what my association with this club has done for me on all planes: physical, mental, emotional and indeed spiritual.

– Mike Miller

I started at the Academie over a year ago as an interesting way to get exercise (and because I’ve always wanted to learn to swing a sword). I’ve made great friends, and it is so much more than just a place to learn WMA, though that can’t be beat either!

– Brittany Linnet

Academie Duello is a fantastic school, and an even better group of people. More than 4 years ago, I took my first beginner class, and since then I’ve trained in various historical weapons, made a ton of excellent friends, been to some awesome events, and met my wonderful wife. It has become a major element of my life, and I’m happy about that.

– Greg Yoshida

A friend and I bought a Groupon for a month-long class (Warrior Fundamentals) and then signed up for the Taste of the Renaissance class right after. I can tell you in the two months I’ve been going to classes I’m not just having a lot of fun, but also much more physically fit. Going to class twice a week is my stress reliever and fitness at the same time. Plus, as a first-time martial arts student, I feel a tremendous amount of self confidence and accomplishment in just the short time I’ve been going.

– Tris Hussey

Academie Duello is an extremely welcoming and positive environment, and my only regret in signing up for classes is that I didn’t sign up a couple of months earlier when I first heard of it. The sense of community is wonderful. The instructors are patient, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic; everyone in the school is friendly and helpful; it’s a great workout… and who doesn’t want to learn how to sword fight?!

– Allison Sproule

The environment is one of acceptance, enthusiasm, and personal growth. I have made many awesome friendships that extend beyond the training floor. If you’re even remotely interested, try a free lesson, and immerse yourself in modern swordplay, you’ll be hooked instantly.

– Nick McWilliam

Duello has had such a positive impact on my life, from the people I’ve met, to what I’ve learned about movement, to what it has taught me about weapons and fighting for my writing [career]. This school has been one of the highlights of my life.

– Laura T. (Fantasy Author and Ongoing Student)

I like how inclusive the school is. They encourage and value expertise and mastery, but you never feel bad being a beginner or being any sort of person. I’m comfortable encouraging people of all physical and social types to come here, because I know the instructors and fellow students will just help them with swordsmanship, and not criticize who they are.

– Robyn Stewart

The passion shared by the attendees and the teachers alike breeds a real sense of brotherhood – it’s incredibly infectious.

– Neil Ogilvie

Who would have thought swinging swords around is not as easy as it looks in the movies? I enjoy the fact I always seem to be improving on what I just learnt; I find it is the challenge of perfecting the curriculum that keeps me coming back, plus I find that I am learning something new every class. The teachers are another big reason; I have yet to train under anyone without any sort of passion for what they do. All of the staff here are very easy to get along with, understanding, but not afraid to push to make each person better. This school also seems to attract a similarly minded client/student as well…

I must say…the fact I can swing around a sword for hours…that also keeps me coming back!

-Marli Vlok

AD has a holistic approach in their different programs. It is not only a school but a community as well. All the instructors are very able to teach all the technical stuff, and there is just enough ‘pressure’ to yearn for improvement. Even if the curriculum is structured, each student is encouraged to go at their own pace.

Duello time is something I look forward to, even on the days that I think I’m too tired! I always leave AD with a feeling of accomplishment or if I’m just really frustrated that I can’t get something right, It’s always a welcome challenge for next class.

I learn and improve not only in swordplay but with some introspection, about myself too – how I respond to certain situations, how I cope, how I interact, improving self-esteem, improving tolerance and patience, respect, discipline and so much more.

– Bev Tanseco

Watching and working with my animated and passionate instructor Matheus was inspiring. It encouraged me to sign up for at least one more class to better my newly learned skills. I threw any shyness out the window and spent an entire weekend camping with over 30 sword fighters I’d never met, and am so thankful I did. Everyone was welcoming, kind, willing to practice, and offer me guidance. My comfort zone quickly expanded and I gained the confidence to participate in everything I could, even if I wasn’t always correct or sure of what I was doing.

After [the Cascadia North Accolade Tournament] 2013 came to an end, I was a little sad to break away from our camping/sword fighting family. I left with great memories, new friends and the need for more. The following day I signed up for more classes, filling 5 evenings a week with Rapiers, Long Swords, Polearms, and more!

I believe when a teacher displays a positive and passionate attitude towards their field, it directly influences his/her students’ willingness to learn and inspires them to continue learning. I will continue to attend classes especially because of the dedication and enthusiasm of the Academie Duello teachers and employees, but also their students and friends.

-Amy Snook

Beginners testimonials

– The teachers are very knowledgeable in the arts and can deliver the course material effectively and at a high standard.  (Longsword Fundamentals)

– The most immediately fun martial art I’ve ever picked up.  (Longsword Fundamentals)

-Highly engaging blend of physical techniques and theory/concepts. Engaging on both physical and intellectual levels.  (Rapier Fundamentals)

-The instructors are wonderful! I always felt they provided a warm and encouraging environment. I felt they made a first hand effort to know each of the students. (Rapier Fundamentals)

– The instructor was great explaining each move and kept participants engaged and entertained.  (Bartitsu Fundamentals)