Warrior Program

Warrior Fitness

Beginner’s Course: Warrior Fundamentals

* Starting May 9, Warrior Fundamentals will additionally be running at Clinch MMA in Port Coquitlam!

Sign up nowYour entry into Warrior Fitness starts with Warrior Fundamentals. In this 8-class beginner swordfighting program, students will learn the fundamental skills of the traditional European warrior including wrestling, longsword, sword and shield, spear, and quarterstaff.

Students can expect:

  • An invigorating workout combining combat drills with contemporary aerobics and callisthenics.
  • Instruction in the basics of Armizare, a medieval Italian combat system designed to train knights for battle.
  • A focus on cutting-oriented swords like the longsword and sidesword, as well as the crushing staff and poleaxe.
  • An encouraging and supportive environment for learning new skills and meeting fitness goals.

Warrior Fundamentals courses start the first full week of each month and run on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm, for one month, or Saturdays at 10am only for two months. See the full schedule of classes and topics.

Alternative scheduling options are available please call us for more details.

Cost: $135 + Tax

Course Options

If an event is closed, or if it shows no spaces available, give the front desk a call (604-568-9907) and we’ll see if we can fit you in!

EventStart DateStart TimeSpaces
Warrior Fundamentals - Monday/WednesdayJan 04/166:30 pm 5Register or Add to Cart
Warrior Fundamentals - Tuesday/ThursdayJan 05/1612:00 pm 5Register or Add to Cart
Warrior Fundamentals - Tuesday/ThursdayJan 05/166:30 pm 5Register or Add to Cart
Warrior Fundamentals - SaturdayJan 09/1610:00 am 5Register or Add to Cart
Warrior Fundamentals - Monday/WednesdayFeb 01/166:30 pm 5Register or Add to Cart
Warrior Fundamentals - Tuesday/ThursdayFeb 02/1612:00 pm 5Register or Add to Cart
Warrior Fundamentals - Tuesday/ThursdayFeb 02/166:30 pm 5Register or Add to Cart
Warrior Fundamentals - SaturdayFeb 06/161:00 pm 5Register or Add to Cart
Warrior Fundamentals - Monday/WednesdayMar 07/166:30 pm 5Register or Add to Cart

8 Classes: Complete Warrior Fundamentals in a series of eight guided classes.
Cost: $135 +Tax

8 Classes and 2 Private Lessons: In addition to eight guided classes, receive two private lessons to hone your technique.
Cost: $260 +Tax

Course Content

STANCE AND STEPS: Learn how to properly hold a longsword or sidesword and move your body in coordination.

STROKES AND GUARDS: The key positions to hold a sword to defend against oncoming attacks, guards are also the starting positions of various strokes that end up in a different guard.  In learning strokes, you will also learn how to aim effectively and remain in proper measure with your opponent.

MEETING IN FRONT AND BEHIND: Learn what happens when two swords clash together from different strokes and different sides of the body, and how to follow up.

PUSHING AND PULLING: Supplementary wrestling and grappling exercises to help you knock your opponent off balance with pushing or pulling force.

SIDESWORD AND BUCKLER: Learn how to coordinate your guards and strokes with a sidesword while holding a buckler, a small steel shield, in your other hand.

QUARTERSTAFF: Learn the guards and thrusts of the quarterstaff, and how to use the weapon to knock away enemy attacks from a distance.

Class Structure

Warrior Fundamentals and Swordfit begin (together) with a 10-minute warm up of running and dynamic exercises to flex the joints.  Warrior Fundamentals then separates from Swordfit for the main period of instruction, which involves a series of solo exercises following the instructor(s) as well as partner drills.  For the last 25 minutes of class, Warrior Fundamentals rejoins Swordfit for three sets of vigorous callisthenics for 15 minutes (with rests) and another 10 minutes of stretching.

Necessary Protective Gear

For full-speed practice, the Warrior Fitness Program uses fencing masks to protect the face, as well as sport gloves for the hands and also to prevent blistering from considerable gripping of the sword as well as gorgets to protect the throat.  These are supplied by Academie Duello. Mouthguards and rigid groin protection are required by the third class and must be provided by the participant.

What Should I Bring?

The important things to bring are a set of clothes in which you are comfortable doing exercise (including running shoes) and a water bottle.  Groin protection is highly recommended as well.  Academie Duello provides all additional equipment necessary for the class, including weapons, fencing masks to protect the face, gloves to prevent discomfort in the hands, and collars of leather or metal called gorgets to protect the throat.

Try a free lesson nowYou may also choose to purchase your own weapons and necessary protective gear from the Arms and Armour Store if you like.  Students whose own weapons have sharp tips, however, must fit blunts on the ends in order to use them in class.  Blunts can be purchased in the Store.