Rapier Fundamentals

Rapier Fundamentals is the beginner program for the Weapons Mastery program. You can read more about it here.

Calendar begins on the first full week of each month. Saturday courses are spread out over 8 weeks.

First week
of the month
1. Rapier Fundamentals1. Rapier Fundamentals2. Finding the Sword2. Finding the Sword1. Fundamentals
5. Tempo I
Second week
of the month
3. Engagement3. Engagement4. Cutting4. Cutting2. Finding the Sword
6. Tempo II
Third week
of the month
5. Tempo I: Timing5. Tempo I: Timing6. Tempo II: Stringere6. Tempo II: Stringere3. Engagement
7. Longsword I
Fourth week
of the month
7. Longsword I7. Longsword I8. Longsword II8. Longsword II4. Cutting
8. Longsword II

You can check out start dates, and sign up, online!