Stag & Stagette

Married life is its own challenge, can you handle ours?

Every best man and maid of honour is looking for the wow-factor to make their best friend’s last single bash the greatest and most memorable ever. Swordfighting provides a physical and mental challenge and an experience that will be talked about around every anniversary for years to come!

  • Learn the basics of movement, posture, attack and defence in fun interactive games that get everyone involved.
  • Try out the arts of the rapier, longsword, sword and shield, quarterstaff and more.
  • Handle real swords and armour in your class and in our interactive museum.
  • Put the bride or groom to be in armour and give them a chance to show off what they’ve learned against the entire wedding party!

For more information or to book a day and time, please e-mail or call during business hours at 604-568-9907.