Ongoing Lessons

Our numerous programs will excite and educate your students, while physically engaging them in medieval and renaissance swordplay. Whether you’re teaching Shakespeare, history, or physical education, our lessons are a wonderful way to inspire a deeper connection with nearly any subject.

We have a diverse set of programs that can be deliver as part of a field trip at our school, as a one-time lesson at your school, or as an ongoing series of classes.

A few programs that we regularly run for schools include:

Warrior Phys.Ed

We combine historical swordplay skills with modern physical conditioning techniques in a way that will excite your kids to move.

The Science of Swordplay

By exploring concepts such as leverage, trigonometry and geometry through interactive tools such as swords, siege weapons and armour, kids can get excited about science in a way they never have before.

En Garde! – Swordplay for Your Drama Department

Make your next play one your actors and audience won’t soon forget! We will teach your kids to safely and reliable create the illusion of violence from the punch, to the fall, to the battle of swordplay skill.

Heraldry – From Coats of Arms to the Nike Swoosh

In our interactive heraldry program, students will learn about a time when brand recognition was the difference between life and death.

Please contact us by phone at 604-568-9907 or by email at to learn more about setting up a program for our class.