Knight Camp Staff

Devon BoormanMaestro Devon

Devon Boorman

Devon Boorman has been passionately pursuing Historical European Swordsmanship since 1994. He is the Master Instructor and Director of Academie Duello and helps oversee the activities of Knight Camp. You can read his full bio here.


AaronMaster Aaron

Aaron Lamontagne

Programs Taught: Archery, Youth Swordplay

Involved in WMA Since: Spring 2009

Favourite Disciplines: Recurve Bow, Rapier, Sidesword

Background: Archery, Sport Fencing, Skiing, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Krav Maga.  Martial arts of any sort are a way for me to connect with my heroes; the learning and teaching of those arts allow me to give myself and share the qualities I think are important in a person.  Loyalty, community, honor.

Other Interests: Longboarding, Magic: The Gathering, learning new languages, Hip Hop

Alex RosinMaster Alex

Alexander Rosin

Bio to come!


Fraser ForbesMaster Sir Fraser

Fraser Forbes

Programs Taught: Youth Swordplay, Knight Camp

Involved in WMA Since: Summer of 2008.

Favourite Disciplines: Sword and shield, Polearm, Case of Swords.

Background: Judo, French Foil, Archery, Has High Five training, fluent in both English and French, and is a Cavaliere dell’Ordine Di Capo Ferro (Knight Camp graduate).

Other Interests: Fraser has been Tap dancing for 11 years, plays bagpipes and has played both guitar and piano at an intermediate level, has cross-country skied his entire life, is a snowboarder, armour- and shield-maker, has played lacrosse for the past 5 years, plays most tabletop games, has studied herbology, is technologically savvy, and is a super hero enthusiast.

Gareth - croppedMaster Gareth

Gareth Antle

Programs Taught: Youth Swordplay, Knight Camp

Involved in WMA since: 2011

Favourite Disciplines: Rapier (+ Dagger), Sword and Buckler, Longsword, Poleaxe

Background: Tae Kwon Do, Ballet

Other Interests: Reading and writing science fiction and fantasy, playing tabletop games and RPG’s, building and using computers.

Roland CooperMaster Roland

Roland Cooper

Programs Taught: Youth Swordplay, Longsword

Involved in WMA Since: 2002

Favourite Disciplines: Anything Italian, 1400-present

Background: SCA rapier and heavy combat; medieval and classical studies; summer camps and leadership programming; first student to sign up with Academie Duello

Other Interests: Any and all physical movement; strength training; the history of human thought and experience; language; games and play.


Kimberleigh Smithbower-RosebladeMaster Roseblade

Kimberleigh Smithbower-Roseblade

Programs Taught: Youth Swordplay, SwordFit Conditioning, Longsword Focus

Involved in WMA since:  Spring 2010

Favourite Disciplines: Heavy weapons like longsword, spadone, poleaxe

Background: Has been a dance- and circus-academy coach, nanny, CBI and PSW for children and adults with disabilities.  Has worked with children for more than half of her life.  Trained in Jeet Kune Do from 2000-2002.

Other Interests: Musician and slam poet who has performed internationally, self proclaimed history buff, former apprentice of falconry, cross-trains with swimming and cycling, loves traveling, plays table top RPGs and board games and Magic: the Gathering, makes her own soap.