Knight Camp Values

Academie Duello Values


Academie Duello is inclusive and friendly. This is a place where youth of all backgrounds and abilities can engage with history and historical European martial arts.


Students are sent home pleasantly sweaty and satisfied from our classes. This is swordplay in the real world not just in your heads. Fitness and activity are the keys to our physical well-being.


The arts we teach are based on a historic tradition. We honour this history by using historic training tools and by practicing a true martial art with the care and discipline expected by its first teachers. In turn we foster an environment for our staff and students to be their truest and best selves.


We give students the tools to be their own best teacher, and encourage them to realize their capabilities and their own personal power to shape their character.


Our space and staff keep a polished, clean, and neat presentation. Classes start on time and run on a schedule. We do everything we can to make sure our customers have the most consistently excellent experience possible.

The 10 Knightly Virtues

Every day at Knight Camp the students learn about and practice two knightly virtues. At the end of the day, students nominate each other for virtuous behaviour.

Monday: Obedience and Nobility

Obedience and fealty both mean loyalty. As Pages you show obedience to the Instructors. Obedience is a good thing to practice everyday. We should be obedient to people in charge, like our parents, teachers, policemen etc.

Nobility is showing notable behavior. By trying as hard as you can or by helping others be the best they can be you show ‘Nobility’.

Tuesday: Mercy and Justice

Mercy is not taking revenge on people who may have done something wrong. Mercy can also mean not getting angry at someone who may have hurt you by mistake.

Justice is having a sense of what is right and wrong. Laws help people to know what is right and what is wrong. Knights helped to make sure that justice was maintained in the kingdom.

Wednesday: Integrity and Valour

Integrity is being as honest and truthful as you can be in everything you do. Integrity is when you admit to doing something wrong and try to make it better.

Valour is bravely doing what is right against all odds. You can show valor by stopping a fight or getting an adult to help if something is wrong.

Thursday: Charity and Faith

Charity is giving to those who have less than you. It can be sharing your sandwich or helping someone out. It was important for Knights to show charity to their people.

Faith is believing in yourself and trusting in those around you. You can show faith by supporting others if they are having trouble learning. Knights had faith that their soldiers would support them in battle, and had faith that their lords had good plans.

Friday: Courage and Humility

Courage is making wise decision even when you are afraid. Courage can be going into a dark room even if you are afraid of the dark. You can show courage by trying even if you are not doing well at something.

Humility is not showing off when you can do something well, but helping others to learn it too. A Knight is satisfied when he or she can do something well, they don’t need to brag about it all of the time.