Ranks & Special Subjects

Students of Knight Camp advance their way through six ranks. Named for titles and stages of development in the training of knights and soldiers in Late Medieval and Renaissance Italy, the ranks reflect a student’s physical abilities, martial skills, knowledge of materials taught in class, and practice of knightly virtues.

New students begin in the first rank, Paggio. Every time a student completes a week of Knight Camp, they have a rise in rank. Knight Camp students study different academic subjects at different ranks:

  1. Paggio (Page): Heraldry, History of the Sword
  2. Armigero (Squire): Archery
  3. Regazzo all’Armi (Gentleman/Gentlewoman-at-Arms): Armour
  4. Spadaccino (Swordsman/Swordswoman): Polearms
  5. Guardia (Guardsman/Guardswoman): Leadership, Tactics
  6. Capitano (Captain): Instruction, Courtly Grace

Graduates of the program become a Cavaliere su Veglia (Knight on Vigil), and prepare for the five Knightly Trials before they can achieve the rank of Knight. The Knightly Trials are:

  1. Trial of the Servant (volunteering and community service)
  2. Trial of the Warrior (leadership and swordplay skill)
  3. Trial of the Herald (public speaking)
  4. Trial of the Courtier (medieval games and knowledge)
  5. Trial of the Teacher (mentorship and teaching)

Cavaliere su Veglia can return to camp as a student to study their choice of academic subject, or, if they’re at least 12 years old, as a volunteer to help other students on the path to knighthood.