Carosella 2015: Online Registration Extended

Karissa on Princess

Carosella is almost here!  To allow for the long weekend we've held over online registration for another day.  Hurry though – after midnight tonight you'll need to register by phone or in person!

Join us at Red Colt farm from Friday through Sunday, 11 - 13 September for three full days of mounted magic.  There are workshops, lectures, and competitions for all levels of experience, mounted and unmounted.  Here's a quick rundown of some of our instructors and the courses they'll be teaching.

Friday Sept 11th

Greg Reimer (& Greg Mele)Devon Boorman

On Friday, join Devon Boorman, Academie Duello's director and Maestro d'Armi, for Swordplay from the ground and on horseback, as well as a lance and spear workshop.

Alternately, take Intro to Mounted Combat or Grappling From the Ground and Falsemount with Academie Duello Provost Greg Reimer.


Black Knight croppedJennifer Landels will be teaching Intro to Mounted Combat, Mounted Wrestling and Beginner Riding, and
conducting rider assessments, while Eleanor and Isabel Landels teach Horsemanship 1 and Equine First Aid.jumping position

For our lunchtime lecture, we welcome special guest Veli Leväaho of Leväaho Classical Horsemanship, followed by private and semi-private clinic spots.


Saturday Sept 12th

Rob & Flavie
JennSaturday belongs mostly to Robert Borsos of Borsos Torzs
Horse Archery, who will be conducting Beginner and Intermediate Horseback Archery workshops, as well as Archery From the Ground.

We are also thrilled to welcome back Jennifer Vartiainen of Danceability studio to run the popular rider conditioning session, Ballet in the Barn.

Eleanor and Isabel will return to teach Bandaging and Horsemanship 2, and Kate Landels will join us to coach mounted games in preparation for Sunday's tournament.X-C waterK&G flag




Sunday, September 13th


Stephanie ringsAfter two full days of workshops you'll be ready to put your skills to the test at our annual Tournament.  If you have your Horsemanship 1 you can take part in the Grooms' Competition, striving to turn out the best groomed horse of the day.  After that are Individual and Team Mounted Games, suitable for anyone with Riding 1 or better, as well as a Horseback Archery competition.

Not a rider? No problem!  We have games on foot as well.  After some thrilling demos we'll finish the day with our Green Spur Mounted Sparring Tournament to see who can take home the laurels this year.


Last-Minute Registration?

Greg vs Chris in the Green Spur Tourney

If you missed online registration you can still get in on the excitement by registering in person before Friday, or calling the front desk at 604 568 9907.  For more information about scheduling, see the Carosella pages.

See you at Red Colt!




Kudos to everyone who did assessments over the long weekend.  We have three people who will be presented their Green Spurs at Carosella.   The Green Spur requirements include achieving at least Level 1 in Horsemanship and Riding, as well as signing off the Mounted Combat checklist.  It's no small feat! Please join me in congratulating:
Tracey Leacock
Ben Davies
Laura Ambrosiano

In addition Britt-Lise Newstead passed her Horsemanship 1, Molly Glave passed her Horsemanship and Riding 2,  Karissa King passed her Horsemanship 3, and Chris Richardson passed his Riding 3.  Well done all!


Jennifer Landels heads up Academie Duello's Cavaliere Program. She has been swordfighting since 2008, and riding since before she could walk. She started the program as an excuse to combine those passions.
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