Sword Press Gift List II & Size matters

WMA activities within the press seem to be continuing a fore-mentioned holiday lull, so we’ll continue shopping for that special gift for that hard to guard-against shop-for sword-specialist.  Respects, Wes

Drool … drip, drip … slobber

We have from time-to-time seen some picturesque catalogues supporting various auction houses offering antique militaria – but this offering of a recently offered collection is truly spectacular … to say nothing of (deservedly) pricey! If you want to see some excellent representations of the weaponry that we study – this catalogue deserves the time you’ll give to flip through it!

Please note: It is ‘traditional’ to tip your ‘paperboy’ at this time of year for bringing you the news through all sorts of weather – nothing big – page155 of the catalogue may give you an idea.

ART DAILY (Mexico) 30 November 11 The Art of Protection: Doors open for the auction of the fantastic collections of Karsten Klingbeil.

On 13 December the first part of the private armoury of renowned Berlin sculptor Karsten Klingbeil will be offered at the auction house in Brussels.

Various complete suits of 16th – 17th C armour (Pompeo della Cesa efforts at over $400,000 a set); forty helmets; a large number of swords and daggers (a rapier for $40,000 – that Del Tin in the Armoury is looking like a positive steal right now, no?); shields and pole arms all make a picturesque appearance.

And, most impressively – this is but part of Mr Klingbell’s collection – more is being put up for auction later on in the year.


Catalogue at: http://asp.zone-secure.net/v2/index.jsp?id=2637/4688/19370&lng=fr

Seriously though, I’m thankful for the modern times that give me such detailed and picturesque access to such a fine, private collection of arms so far away. Is it sad that I’m so emerald-green with envy though?

Come to think of it, if you’re going to Brussels anyway, you might as well stop by London for a few trinkets before hand …

ART DAILY (Mexico) 30 November 11 Thomas Del Mar Ltd to auction antique arms, armour and militaria in London

You can pick up some pikes on which to practice with your newly purchased Zweihänder!


Now ‘that’s’ a sword!

Quick – no peeking! What’s the largest sword that comes to your mind?

Pope Clement VIII’s 16th C ‘Presentation Sword’?

A 16th C Doppelsöldner Zweihänder?

King Edward V’s ‘Bearing Sword’?

KHALEEJ TIMES (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) 03 December 11 15m sword at Fujairah roundabout

A 15-metre-long ‘Sword of the UAE’ has been placed at the centre of a roundabout to mark the 40th National Day. The sword has been nominated for the Guinness World Records as the biggest one on earth.