Sword Press of Prudence and Poland

The privilege to practice our arts within city limits is a large part due to how we conduct ourselves as a mature, trust-worthy community of ‘real scholars’.  That said, sometimes, for a whole variety of reasons, one of us – or worse, a member of the viewing public, gets hurt during a sword-themed event.  Notwithstanding the very real sympathy and support that we owe to the victims of inadvertent injury, there are some critical actions that we as individuals and groups have to undertake to protect our physical and corporate well-being.


Too Close for Comfort!


LOS ANGELES TIMES (California) 18 September 12  Newlywed says Medieval Times sword blinded him; wants $10 million

A man has filed a $10-million suit against the dinner show theatre ‘Medieval Times’, alleging that a mock sword fight left him partially blind when a shard of metal from a titanium sword flew into his eye.

I think you know where We’re going with this – it’s not WMA/HEMA-specific but it is so-o-o very relevant to Our practice of Our art.

Notwithstanding the care that we as a community take in ensuring safety for swordplay participants and audiences; accidents happen.  They happen during our own drills and sparring; during stage presentations; and during those very-popular bouts in public venues.

The lesson here?  Insurance!  For individuals (that would be you) and for swordplay salles.

If you’re travelling to a meet/symposium outside of your province; check to see what your provincial medical plan will cover in case of injury (not necessarily sword-related); provincial entitlements vary considerably   … and do it before you depart.  Top up the gaps with your own insurance – not just for the time of the event – but allow for travel time ‘to and from’ …. and for about a week after the end of event to allow ‘recuperation time’ in an out-of-province hospital if necessary! (Anecdotally it’s hard to get through security with all your essential, post-operative, inter-venous fluids packed in 1 oz, clear, plastic bags!)

In Canada, one study assessed that the average hospital costs for treating “an injury” was $9,400 … and that’s for treating a Canadian taxpayer!

And while We can’t speak as the medical insurance implications for Our American/ European peers visiting us, we can offer some modest guidance as to what they should be prepared for if things go … poorly.

The requirement for ‘corporate insurance’ for routine business and business-off-site is w-a-y outside my areas of modest expertise, but I’ll comment anyway … have some!



Sons and Daughters of the Towarzysz husarski!


GAZETA (Warsaw, Poland) 13 September 12  Na Targówku będą walczyć na długie miecze

This past weekend saw the 3rd Warsaw Fights Workshop in action as dozens of men and women gathered to work on long sword technique, mental preparation for combat and knife fighting techniques.



Dangerous ‘Nerds’


ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER (California) 21 September 12  Renaissance fighting in the park: kill or be killed (Lauren Jow)

Some of the 50 (10 of which are routinely ‘active’) “nerd-jock” members of the Orange County chapter of the Association of Renaissance Martial Arts get a detailed and sympathetic write-up on their studies and re-creations of 15th- to 17th-century Western European fighting arts.

Our choice for best line in the item: “In the Renaissance, the intent was simple: Kill or be killed.

“You don’t have a point system and referees and timeouts in a dark alley,” …”.


You’re never too young (or too old apparently) to play ‘Zorro’


MIDI LIBRE (Montpellier, France) 16 September 12  La Cie théâtrale et sportive propose des cours dès l’âge de 5 ans

L’école d’escrime de Villeneuve offers ‘stage combat’ instruction to those as young as five as part of their effort to spread interest in classical and theatrical sword fighting.  Older youths can take additional training if they’re interested in joining the in-house ‘troupe La Tulipe noire’ and participate in sword-based theatrics and demonstrations.




ELBLĄSKA GAZETA (Poland) 09 September 12  Bitwa na plaży

OK – ‘not’ WMA/HEMA related … but anyone that works with a salle whose name is rendered by Google Translation™ as “The Tri-City ‘Factory of Pigs’ School of Fencing” deserves mention!



PIERWSZY ŚLĄSKI (Katowice, Poland) 23 August 12  Rowerowa gra miejska w Parku Śląskim – zgłoś się!

If you can’t get out to the Academie Duello Knightly Games Tournament due to distance or sensitivity to ‘nature’ in its purest form … there are urban alternatives for the dedicated jouster.


BEACON-NEWS (Aurora, Illinois) 21 September 12  Flaming sword dance leads to garage fire in Aurora