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Swords, bows and lances all compete for column-inch in today’s offering.  Whatever your preference in WMA/HEMA interests, it appears (in the press at least) that you’re not alone out there.


Not Your Padres’ Destreza


MSN (New Delhi, India) 15 October 12  Medieval fight club

This is not so much a press report as a photo gallery depicting the WMA/HEMA training efforts of the Asgardvaniren school in Concepcion … Chile.


Butt!  She said ‘butt’ …(giggle)!


NEW WESTMINSTER NEWS LEADER (British Columbia) 16 October 12  Movies fire renewed interest in archery (Mario Bartel)

24 HRS (Vancouver, British Columbia) 17 October 12  Recent movies inspire teens to take up bows and arrows

Archery continues its relentless volley as ‘the new sport’ of 2012 with the television series ‘Arrow’ reinforcing the arrow-aiming interests created by ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘brave’.

Patricia Gonsalves of Lykopis Archery and head instructor for the Academie Duello archery programme is in high profile of late because of her role as archery coach for the star of ‘Arrow’.  Most of both articles concentrate on her efforts to bring people of all backgrounds into the sport, and to explain, as much as you can in a short press item, some of the more esoteric demands of the discipline.

Too often Hollywood makes archers “look stupid,” says Gonsalves.


Professional Help for an Amateur Effort


SHREWSBURY LANTERN (Massachusetts) 12 October 12  Shrewsbury Cast Members Learn the Fine Art of Sword Fighting

Chris Cardoni of the Independent Fight Directors Guild is bringing realism, excitement and safety to a high school rendition of Romeo and Juliet.

Aside from the ethical concerns of making sure that people given swords treat them like the weapons of controlled mayhem that they are; it’s heartening to see a high school seek professional advice on how to make their dramatic offering more exciting.


Fight Me; Fight my Horse … and then Fight my Buddy’s Horse!


UNION-TRIBUNE (San Diego, California) 21 October 12  Combat And Chivalry Arrive (Pam Kragen)

The sixth annual Tournament of the Phoenix jousting meet will take place this weekend in Poway.  The highlight ‘Skill at Arms’ competition features six professional combatants from England, Canada and France whom will compete in jousting, foot combat with axes and a mounted melee.


Not all Crash and Clatter.


THE GAZETTE (Gaithersburg, Maryland) 18 October 12  Frederick goes medieval with jousting (Travis Mewhirter)

Corey Minnick won the National Jousting Association’s 45th championship tournament (his 4th win) in Frederick, in the state where jousting is the ‘state sport’.

The item is a reminder that modern tournament jousting does not necessarily require high speed impacts by big, smelly, sweaty brutes … or their horses.  These ‘Knights’ charge down an 80-yard course attempting to ‘lance’ small rings – some as small as candy – hanging from an arch.

Equestrians please note; a sword is the “most coveted prize”, even in the riding world!




The regular readers of this column – both of you (Hi Mom!) – will know that I pound the ‘safety drum’ loud and often.  And for good reason.  We hit each other with swords – and pay for the privilege.  And when you add rowdy, scampering archers running here-to-fro within the confines of what should be a dignified sword-and-shield brawl, all sorts of ‘safety issues’ crop up!  Thank goodness for … lawyers, civic government officials and other lunge-worthy figure elevens!!


DAILY MAIL (London, UK) 15 October 12  Careful with those arrows – you’ll have somebody’s eye out! (Richard Littlejohn)

An anniversary re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings was cancelled on the orders of safety officials.

This resulted in the article author musing on how the Battle of Hastings might have unfolded under modern rules.

King Harold is surveying the field with his brother Leofwine …

“If you intend fighting alongside your men, you will have to wear these special goggles to protect your eyes.

Over my dead body…”