Warrior Program

Gift Packages

Academie Duello’s deluxe gift packages will excite recipients of all ages with the experience of a lifetime. Purchase in person or by phone 604-568-9907.

The Ultimate Duelist

For that person on your gift list with a love of history and excitement. This package will mold them into a modern day renaissance man or woman as they learn an exciting system of weapon arts along with all the equipment they need to continue their practice into the future. The Ultimate Duelist includes:

  • An Authentic Reproduction Rapier, Longsword, and Sidesword useable in full sparring.
  • All of the protective gear you need to fight: mask, gorget, padded jacket, leather gloves, elbow and knee plates
  • 20 Hours of private instruction covering the longsword, rapier, sidesword, backsword, quarterstaff, spear, and unarmed medieval arts
  • Academie Duello Membership includes discounts on workshops and equipment

Cost: $2,750 + tax

The Ultimate Knight

Give that special person in your life a gift they will never forget. Transport them back in time to learn the arts of knighthood with professional sword master Devon Boorman and his team.

The recipient of this gift will receive the full training and trappings of knighthood from custom fitted armour and weapons, to over 30 hours of training in armed and unarmed combat, as well as the court skills of a knight.

The package can be delivered over a schedule of 6 months or in a single intense and immersive week at the Academie Duello facilities in beautiful downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.

Equipment included:

  • A custom fitted suit of full plate armour
  • Padded Undercoat
  • Leather boots and gloves
  • Full unarmoured combat gear, includes
  • Mask, throat protector, and combat jacket
  • Sparring Longsword
  • Sparring Arming Sword
  • Sharp Longsword
  • Quarterstaff
  • Sparring Poleaxe

Combat Training:

  • 30 Hours of Private One-on-One instruction. Topics covered can include:
  • Longsword
  • Arming Sword
  • Sword and Shield
  • Spear and Pole Axe
  • Full Armoured and Unarmoured Techniques
  • Wrestling and Grappling
  • Archery
  • Mounted Combat
  • Fitness, Endurance, and Strength Training
  • 6 Months of Unlimited Access to Academie Duello Facilities, Classes, and Open Floors

Training in Knightly Arts:

  • Medieval Dance
  • Courtly Love
  • Political Intrigue
  • Rhetoric and Wit
  • Military Strategy and Tactics


  • Custom design of your personal coat of arms, for marking your armour and weapons.
  • Full videos of your private training sessions
  • Final combat expose and professional demo video
  • Photo portfolio

Cost: $13,000 + tax

Purchase in person or by phone 604-568-9907.