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Introduction to Academie Duello

Welcome! Academie Duello is a school of Swordplay and Western Martial Arts devoted to teaching the traditional martial practices of Europe. For a better idea of what we offer, check out our 360 video below.

Our system includes diverse weapon arts, including use of: RapierLongswordSword and Shield, PolearmsMounted CombatArchery and Wrestling.

We offer youth and adult programs focused on fitness, martial arts mastery, theatrical presentation, self-defence, and more. Take a look at our Getting Started page to find the best fit for you. Click here to sign up for a free trial to try it out for yourself, or find out what to expect upon visiting.

The martial art we teach is based on the content of authentic combat manuals produced during the Middle Ages, Renaissance and beyond, and covers the array of weapons and techniques used by the diverse fighting men and women of those periods, from duellists to knights. We even have a few original fighting manuals available to see in our Museum.

Check Out a 360-degree View of Our School and Students

Testimonials from Professional Martial Artists

Academie Duello is renowned amongst professional martial artists as one of the top of studios of Western martial arts in the world. Click here to find out why Academie Duello has such a sterling reputation!