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Harassment & Discrimination Policy

The Policy in Brief

Academie Duello is an inclusive space that welcomes any person to learn and participate in the classes taught and in our community, and is an environment supportive of every individual’s dignity, well-being and personal goals. Academie Duello students, instructors and staff members value difference and diversity and are committed to addressing discrimination and harassment. As such, we are proud to introduce our official harassment and discrimination policy.

Examples of harassment or discrimination might include:

  • Assuming your sparring partner will want to go slower or faster (or harder) based on their gender
  • Making unwelcome jokes or comments about a student or instructor’s age, race or gender identity
  • Taking a position of authority in a class you are not teaching to physically or verbally correct a student without their consent
  • Unwelcome physical contact with another such as touching, patting, pinching or punching

If you or someone you know has experienced discrimination or harassment while learning, training or working at Academie Duello, we are here to help. Our Resolution Supervisor is here to listen to your experiences and find satisfactory resolutions that ensure our school meets the needs of those who come through its doors. Resolutions may come in the form of informal negotiation, staff support, formal mediation, or membership suspension.

There are no complaints or incidents too minor! Should you have anything you wish to express, the Supervisor’s inbox is open and she is here to listen. Please send us not only your complaints and concerns, but your input and feedback as to how to make Academie Duello a more accepting and more inclusive space. We welcome all comments and concerns.

Learn More

If you would like to read the Policy in detail, you may find it here.

If you wish to contact Ya’el Frankel, the Resolution Supervisor with a complaint or question, you may e-mail her at supervisor@academieduello.com.