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Respectful Workplace Policy

Academie Duello is an inclusive space that welcomes any person to learn and participate in the classes taught, and in our community. It is an environment supportive of every individual’s dignity, well-being and personal goals. Academie Duello students, instructors and staff members value difference and diversity and are committed to addressing discrimination and harassment in all its forms.

Academie Duello is committed to providing a working and learning environment that is respectful, professional, and free of bullying, harassment and discrimination. All employees, instructors and students at Academie Duello have the right to work and train in such an environment. Bullying, harassment and discrimination are neither acceptable nor tolerated at Academie Duello.

We have a resolution policy and procedure available to students and employees. Please feel free to read our full policy here.

If you have a specific complaint, concern, or question please review the policy for our resolution procedure and feel free to contact our management team directly by emailing management@academieduello.com