Getting Started in Fitness

Beyond the physical benefits of our regular swordplay and martial arts programs, we also have dedicated fitness programs for helping you set and meet your fitness goals. Interested in taking a class? Check out our weekly schedule for class times.


Join us for a program that combines the age old techniques of swordplay using two-handed swords, shields, and staffs, with modern physical conditioning science to create a program that exercises your mind and body.

To join the program you need to first establish a base in swordplay skills with our Longsword Fundamentals class. You can learn more about the  SwordFit program here.

Clubs & Bells

No prior experience is required to join into our Kettlebells and Indian Clubs fitness program. An amazing way to build core strength, mobility, and power.

Sign-up by phone at 604-568-9907 or visit us in person.

Personal Training and Fitness Coaching

This half-hour consultation is customized to your personal fitness goals and you will leave the session with a concrete takeaway to start working on right away, and a long-term action plan to turn resolutions into reality.

Goals we can help you with include:

  • Weight loss
  • Conditioning
  • Increased martial performance
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Skill based movement training

The Session – Building Your Fitness Plan

A plan has to fit in with your life! We’ll work with your budget and time constraints, and consider options that may include at-home exercises, our clubs and bells SwordFit program and/or personal training sessions.

Looking for weight loss? Usually that means doing up a weekly plan to stay active at a level that challenges you but doesn’t completely knock the wind out of you. Keeping a food diary for a few days tends to reveal patterns that could be improved upon as well.

If you’re happy with your weight and are looking to gain muscle, together we’ll develop a plan to get you feeling and looking great!

Ongoing Personal Fitness Training

Following your free consultation you may choose a plan that works within core Academie Duello programs such as SwordFit, Clubs and Bells and Mastery classes or you may choose to incorporate ongoing personal fitness training with one of our expert coaches.

Personal training is available to complement your swordplay studies, achieve fitness goals, and increase overall movement health. We provide the following types of personal training:

  • Kettlebell instruction
  • Core engagement training
  • Conditioning and strength building
  • Weight loss, muscular development, and cardiovascular health
  • Body mechanics and movement coaching

Personal training costs $85 for one hour, or $50 for a half-hour.

Non-members may book the same services, with a 15% surcharge on above prices.