The bow is one of the earliest forms of ranged weapon and has roots in every part of the world. At Academie Duello we employ many types of bows including recurve bows, English longbows, and Composite bows.

Academie Duello’s archery program focuses on three core principles:

  • Proper Mechanics – Our first emphasis is not on hitting the target but instead on creating the proper posture and form for long term stamina, precision, and accuracy.
  • Precision – Being able to repeatedly perform the same actions is at the heart of grouping your arrows in one place. Once you are able to accomplish this great feat, we work on accuracy.
  • Accuracy – Once your form is strong, and your ability to precisely shoot is in place, you then work on hitting the target in specific areas.

Join us in our Archery Program to learn more about the skills of archery first hand.