Unarmed & Close Play

The Academie Duello system closely incorporates unarmed and close weapons work with modern knives and medieval daggers. The core focus of our unarmed system is learning good body mechanics, developing connection with the ground, and broadening your martial base for future weapons work.

Our unarmed skills are based within the system of Fiore dei Liberi. The goal of the system is to get the opponent onto the ground as swiftly and effectively as possible without going there yourself. Techniques include throws, holds, joint locks, breaks, binds, and disarms. As our system is developed for dealing with multiple opponents and for use in battlefield situations, ground fighting is generally avoided.

Our system of wrestling emphasizes:

  • Control of the centre – Work at your own centre where you are strongest, move the opponent away from their own strength, and control the centre of the fight.
  • Opportune Striking – Use strikes to points of pain to eliminate advantages of size and strength.
  • Breaking structure – Use strikes and holds to break your opponent’s connection to the earth.
  • Taking space – Occupy your opponent’s space to eliminate their martial options.

Grappling training is featured in both the longsword and rapier streams of our Adult Swordplay programs. See also our Bartitsu program for other close-quarters options.