Mounted Combat Symposium
9-11 September 2016

From curious onlookers to dedicated knights, there is something for everyone at Academie Duello’s three day celebration of mounted skill at arms. The symposium at Red Colt Equestrian Farm Co-op includes two full days of clinics and workshops, followed by our popular annual Knightly Games Tournament. You can sign up here.

For the general public

Please note Sunday is our public open day, although the public is welcome to watch at any time, Sunday is when most of the public events like those below will take place. 

  • Swordplay demonstrations & mini lessons
  • Displays of mounted skill at arms
  • Tours of the farm and opportunities to meet our horses
  • Foot races and games of skill

For the beginning rider or swordsperson.

  • Introduction to Mounted Combat
  • Beginner Horseback Archery
  • Swordplay lessons
  • Beginner Riding lessons

For more advanced equestrians and students of mounted martial arts

  • Longsword, grappling & spear workshops
  • Mounted Games & Combat clinics and practice sessions
  • Horseback Archery
  • Mounted Games Tournament
  • Green Spur Mounted Duelling Tournament

Riding Level Equivalents

Riders from outside the Academie Duello Cavaliere Program are encouraged to bring their own horses, and stabling is available  However, for those unable to do so, a limited number of school horses will be available for use.

Any Rider using a school horse must have as a minimum one of the following certifications:

  • Riding Level 1 (Cavaliere Program)
  • Equine Canada Rider 1
  • Canadian Pony Club ‘D’ level
  • Foreign equivalents to EC or CPC levels
  • An assessment by a Cavaliere instructor on or before Friday September 12th
  • Approval from the Cavaliere program head