Please note: this is the 2016 schedule.  The 2017 schedule will be similar, and will be posted soon.

ArenaYardFront Field
a 9:00Grooms’ competition
10:00Team GamesConcession &
11:30 Mounted Archery
p 12:00Unmounted GamesArchery from the Ground
1:00Individual Games
3:00Green Spur Tournament
4:00 Closing Ceremonies

Grooms’ Competitiongrooming

9am – 9:45am
Judges: Richmond Pony Club
Level: All
Prerequisites: Horsemanship 1, or own horse

Teams of two will work to groom and tack up horses prior to the mounted competition.  Competitors will be marked on their own and the horse’s turnout, correct fitting of tack, efficiency and overall impression.   School horses provided. Competitors may state partner and/or horse preference when registering; individual entries will be paired.

Team GamesKailea & Kaden

10am – 11:30am
Level: Riding Level 1 and up
Divisions: Beginner, Intermediate, Open
Prerequisites: Riding 1 or equivalent, or own horse

Teams of 2-4 riders will race against the clock to complete relays of skill-at-arms games.  Current games list is: 2-flag, stick-pegging and quintain & blocks. Teams will be assigned to facilitate shared horses.

On-foot Games & Archery

11:30am – 12:30pm
Level: All
Prerequisites: None

No horse? No problem. Enter our relay foot races and unmounted speed-shooting competition.

Individual GamesIs balloon

1:00 – 3:00pm
Level: Beginner, Intermediate and Open
Prerequisites: Riding level 1 or equivalent, or own horse

Like the team games, these races are timed.  Current games list: rings, spear, and balloon.


2:30 – 3:00pm – in the ring
Throughout the day – in the front field

Those who took the Prix Fiore workshop will have an opportunity to perform their routine in the ring prior to the Green Spur Tournament.  Throughout the day our Academie Duello performance team will be demonstrating swordplay and giving free mini lessons in the front field.

Green Spur Tourney

3:00 – 4:00pm
Level: Green Spur rank and up
Prerequisites: Open to members of the Cavaliere Program only

J & CIf you have your Green Spur you are invited to take part in our Mounted Duelling tournament.  Round Robin matches will consist of three rounds of 30 seconds each in which to land valid cuts to your opponent.