• Carousella Mounted Combat Symposium 2014
    Carosella 2014. Two full days of clinics and workshops, followed by our popular annual Knightly Games Tournament. Friday Sept 12 - Sunday Sept 14.
  • Fight Directors Canada Certification Course
    Get certified with Academie Duello! Get a leg up in your acting career with our Fight Directors Canada Certification Course.
  • Knight Camp for Kids
    CHIVALRY, INTEGRITY, COURAGE. Kid's learn the skills and virtues of knighthood at our 5-day Knight Camp!
  • Adult Programs
    Get exercise, increase flexibility and gain physical confidence.
  • Youth Programs
    Signing up for Knight Camp will give you a summer you’ll never forget! Check out our ongoing Youth Programs.
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    Duello Swordplay is an accessible fitness experience in a diverse community. Friend us on Facebook.
  • Location
    Located at 412 West Hastings Street, between Richards and Homer, and close to Waterfront Station
Swordplay Training School
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Getting Started

We understand that trying something new is sometimes scary and takes effort, but we think you'll love wielding a sword, drawing a bow, protecting yourself with an umbrella, or riding a horse into battle. Click below to find out more or sign-up for a no strings attached free lesson!

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Private Group Bookings
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Group Packages

Corporate Groups

Whether you are looking for entertainment, a small team-building workshop or a comprehensive fitness plan, we'll provide you with the cutting edge.

Swordplay is one of the most exciting ways you can improve fitness and mental health while building each team member's individual strengths. Help build your team and connect with history. MORE ▶ 

School Groups

This is a great opportunity for your students to both study and interact with history. We'll get the students moving, thinking and interacting in a safe and engaging environment to teach them about the Renaissance art of fencing with the rapier, longsword and quarterstaff.

We'll work with you to customize any of our programs to meet your learning objectives. MORE ▶ 

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