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Private Party/Staff Party

SALE - 25% OFF (up to $5,250 in savings)


Private session for up to 100 people. Appropriate for ages 8-80, it could be a corporate, birthday, bachelor(ette) party, or anything in between! Book an exclusive session based on any of our theme packages, or mix & match elements to design your own custom adventure.

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Adventures! Archery/Axe-Throwing/Sword

SALE - 25% OFF (up to $500 in savings)


Choose any Adventure - Axe-Throwing, Archery, Sword Cutting, Tournament, Warrior or Duellist. Read more about them here.

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Beginner Program (Archery, Longsword or Rapier)

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An 8-class beginners course at the largest school for historical swordplay in the world - Academie Duello! Choose from Archery, Longsword or Rapier! Read more about each course here. Learn the authentic martial techniques of medieval knights or historical European duellists, or learn the ancient art of archery!

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Knight Camp Bundles

SALE - Up to $475 OFF

Knight Camp, voted "Best Kids' Camp” by the Georgia Straight, is a 5-day adventure day camp for kids 8-14. Kids learn swordplay, knightly virtues, history and more! Gift certificates are good for 1-3 kids or 1-3 weeks, depending on the bundle option purchased and how it is used. Camps run throughout Spring and Summer breaks. For more details about Knight Camp, click here.

1 Knight Camp - $325 (+tax) - $100 OFF


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2 Knight Camps - $599 (+ tax) - $250 OFF


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3 Knight Camps - $799 (+ tax) - $475 OFF


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Knight Academie

SALE - $180 OFF

In our premiere ongoing youth program, Knight Academie, students train to become fully-fledged knights versed in the Historical Martial Arts of Europe! In 12-week fall, winter, and spring terms, students will learn and practice longsword, sword & shield, polearms, archery, and Knightly Virtues, such as Integrity, Mercy, and Courage! Classes take place Saturdays from 11am to 1:30pm. Learn more!

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* 1 semester = 12 weeks

1 semester - $540 (+ tax) - $180 OFF


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Private Lesson

A gift card worth one 60-minute private lesson for 1-4 participants. Redeemable online or in-person.

1 hour session - $100 (+ tax)

To book call us at (604) 568-9907

Book: Introduction to Italian Rapier

A complete curriculum for training and fencing with the Italian rapier covering mechanics and strategy, from first steps to full-speed sparring. Over 500 photographs, illustrations and diagrams. Courtesy of Freelance Academy Press.

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DVD: Introduction to Italian Longsword

Learn the powerful and fluid Medieval Italian longsword. You’ll develop solid mechanics and strategies for attacking or defending against any opponent. Ideal for beginners of all age levels and physical abilities. Courtesy of Freelance Academy Press.

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