Welcome! Academie Duello Centre for Swordplay is a school of Western Martial Arts devoted to teaching the traditional martial practices of Europe.

Our programs empower students to meet fitness goals, pursue mastery in martial arts, and engage the mind and body in a fun and unique way. We offer courses for youth and adults from a diverse selection of weapon arts, including:

For a more in-depth discussion of all out taught weapons, take a look at the Our Arts page, and visit our Ongoing Programs page to find the best fit for you. Not interested in a long term commitment? Sign up for one of our Adventure Programs to try a one time only epic experience.

Courses at Academie Duello take place at our convenient location in Downtown Vancouver, at 412 West Hastings Street, while all Mounted Combat programming is hosted at our partner stables, Cornwall Ridge Equestrian, located at 21955 14 Avenue, Langley BC.

Academie Duello - Centre for Swordplay

Mission, Motto, Values

Our Mission

At Academie Duello our goal is to revive the rich martial traditions of Medieval and Early Modern Europe, and make them as vibrant and accessible as their Eastern counterparts like Karate and Kung Fu. This commitment to reinvigorating traditional Western martial arts is reflected in our curriculum, which is founded on the teachings of authentic combat manuals produced during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, covering a wide array of weapons and techniques used by the fighting men and women of those periods.

Unlike many martial arts developed in the East, Western Martial Arts (WMA), also known as Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), lack a continuous living tradition from their inception to the present. As a result, our work in reviving these arts is twofold: we research and explore the medieval and early modern primary-source texts of western martial systems, striving to accurately interpret the material through experimentation and dedicated practice. We then work to integrate these traditions with contemporary science on health and physical exercise to ensure that participants gain the maximum benefit from activity.

It is also our goal to revive the spirit and ideals of these fighting systems, from the code of chivalry of medieval knights to the dueling etiquette of early-modern nobility. We believe that they do have a value in our contemporary society, by encouraging personal development and furthering respect amongst individuals of all walks of life.

Participation in historical martial arts at Academie Duello is a vibrant contemporary practice, not re-enactment or role-playing. Our aim is not to pretend that we are people who live in a bygone era; rather, we believe that study and practice connects us with these martial traditions in a thoroughly modern way.

In short, Academie Duello is more than a school: we are a Centre for Swordplay. We strive to educate the public about the rich and sophisticated martial traditions of Western Civilization, and to encourage scholarly research into martial arts and military history. Above all, though, we want to foster passion and inspire the pursuit of mastery in anyone who has ever been fascinated by these subjects.

Our Motto

Academie Duello CrestThe three Middle Italian words that comprise our motto exemplify the values we strive to foster at Academie Duello:

  • Arte is our dedication to martial arts as just that: an art form. We push ourselves to hone our skills as its practitioners, to study the primary-source combat manuals and learn from our teachers.
  • Ardore is our effort and passion for the martial arts that we practise, which we work to share with others and express in the diverse society around us.
  • Onore is our honour, our respect for ourselves and each other as fellow students and teachers, from novices to masters and people of all backgrounds. It is also respect of the weapons that we wield, the martial systems themselves, and the power and ideas that they represent.

Everyday at Academie Duello our classes perform the school salute, which involves the recitation of the motto. In doing so, we strive to keep the ideals of Arte, Ardore, Onore fresh in our minds, and keep us connected as members of a community.

Our Values

Welcoming | Academie Duello is inclusive and friendly. This is a place where people of all backgrounds and abilities can engage with history and historical European martial arts.

Physical | Students are sent home pleasantly sweaty and satisfied from our classes. This is swordplay in the real world not just in your heads. Fitness and activity are the keys to our physical well-being.

Authentic | The arts we teach are based on a historic tradition. We honour this history by using historic training tools and by practicing a true martial art with the care and discipline expected by its first teachers. In turn we foster an environment for our staff and students to be their truest and best selves.

Empowering | We give students the tools to be their own best teacher, and encourage them to realize their capabilities and their own personal power to shape their character.

Professional | Our space and staff keep a polished, clean, and neat presentation. Classes start on time and run on a schedule. We do everything we can to make sure our customers have the most consistently excellent experience possible.



Academie Duello was founded by long-time Western martial-arts practitioner and Master-of-Arms Devon Boorman and his student Randy Packer in 2004. At its humble origin, the school was a class of six individuals from the Western Martial Arts and re-enactment communities, who gathered on Monday evenings to practice the historical swordplay that fascinated them. After the initial class, a newcomer named Roland Cooper signed up as the first student of Academie Duello, where he has remained and since risen to become a Provost and instructor.  The following week, two more students joined, and two more the week after that. As weeks turned into months, membership gradually swelled and class size rose as high as 40 students within the first year. Academie Duello then began to rent regular spaces for classes, first at Capri Hall on Fraser Street, and later at Kennedy Hall in Surrey.

After a year of success, Academie Duello moved into its first permanent location on the second floor of Crown Square at the corner of Richards Street and West Hastings in Downtown Vancouver. The vast open space was excellent for accommodating large classes as membership continued to grow and the core programs became established. With the help of many dedicated volunteers, the space was refurbished and transformed into a genuine martial-arts school. But the growth did not stop there: over the next several years, with new instructors and staff, the school diversified its programs and workshops. A museum of Western Martial Arts and an arms and armour store were also opened to the public. The result: a dynamic, multifaceted destination for martial-arts enthusiasts, history buffs and more.

In the fall of 2009, Academie Duello moved to its present, street-level location at 412 West Hastings, again to accommodate its increasingly large membership as a centre for swordplay. Now, with more than 1,000 members, over 200 active students in programs at any given time and more than 2,000 participants in classes and workshops each year, Academie Duello is the largest centre of Western Martial Arts in the world.

Academie Duello has established a worldwide reputation as a destination throughout the WMA community, hosting the first Vancouver International Sword Symposium (VISS) in February of 2011. The conference was a great success, attended and lauded by masters, scholars and members of the WMA community from all over the world. More recently, Academie Duello made history as one the 23 founding members of the worldwide Chivalric Fighting Arts Association (CFAA). With an ever-growing membership and status as a respected institution in metropolitan Vancouver, Academie Duello looks forward to continuing its preeminent role in the bright future of Western Martial Arts.

About the CFAA

CFAA logoFrom the CFAA website:

Founded in 2011, the Chivalric Fighting Arts Association (CFAA) is an international organization of schools and clubs devoted to the study of historical European martial arts, particularly those practiced in a chivalric context, used in war, the tournament, and the duel.

Our member schools share a dedication to the revival of the fighting arts from the past, as well as a belief that the study and practice of these arts is a tool for building character and personal discipline - qualities that we believe can be of benefit to the modern world as much as they were for the ancient one.

CFAA members study diverse martial arts - from lands ranging from Iberia to Britain, from the late Middle Ages to the early modern era, and including weapons ranging from the sword and buckler to the rapier. Ours is a fraternal organization, without a governing body, bound together only by our shared values, mutual support of our endeavours, and passion for ancient martial arts and their cultural milieu.


Quick Facts

World’s largest school of Western Swordplay

  • More than 1,200 members.
  • More than 200 active members in a given month.
  • More than 2,000 people participate in classes and workshops every year.
  • Even more participate in our Adventure, Corporate, and School programs.
  • 30 male and female Instructors across multiple disciplines

Based in Vancouver

  • The only swordplay centre in North America in a metropolitan downtown area.
  • 5000 sqft downtown studio: 412 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC.
  • 12 acre farm and stables: 21955 16th Avenue, Langley BC.

Areas of Teaching include:

Learn more about our martial arts here

Media Appearances

Notable Media Appearances

Media Contacts

Devon Boorman - devon@academieduello.com

Available Images

Fully licensed images of our programs, activities, and facilities are available on our Flickr site in our Media album.





The Director and Maestro d’Armi

Devon Boorman

Devon BoormanDevon Boorman has been practicing martial arts since 1986. Starting first with Chinese and Filipino martial arts, Devon discovered western swordplay through the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) which connected him with a burgeoning community of martial artists and scholars studying Historical European Martial Arts throughout the world. Devon has traveled extensively, first as a student, then as a competitor, teacher, and researcher. He has won international tournaments, worked on both stage and screen as a stunt person and choreographer, and is the authour of two DVDs: Introduction to Italian Longsword, and Introduction to Italian Rapier, and a book by the same name, all available through Freelance Academy Press.

Devon’s expertise centres on the Italian swordplay tradition including the arts of the renaissance Italian rapier, sidesword, and longsword, as well as polearms, wrestling, knife and mounted combat. He has taught workshops and seminars throughout the world on both the study and practice of historical techniques and on practical combat implementation.

Devon is the co-founder and director of Academie Duello, which has been active in the Vancouver area since 2004. Under his leadership the school has become the largest school of its kind in the world with thousands of attendees in its programs each year. He is also the principle creator for Duello.TV the largest online academy for the study of Historical European Martial Arts with over 100 courses on swordplay and martial arts. Devon is a part of the Martial Advisory Council for the International Armizare Society and a research adviser for the journal Acta Periodica Duellatorum.

The Instructors


The history of Ben’s martial arts training is brief but intensive! He took his first class at Academie Duello in 2015, after noticing the Academie’s storefront by chance while walking home one day. For Ben, it was as if the heroes from his childhood storybooks had leapt off the page! He has always been interested in Knights, Chivalry, and swordplay, and Duello allows him to learn more about these subjects in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Ben’s favourite weapon is the longsword, which brings to mind heroic deeds of the past, both real and imaginary. Though the longsword may seem easy to use at first, Ben has found that this weapon is deceptively complex. Ben loves challenging himself to master both technical knowledge and practical martial skill; he finds that thegap between knowing a technique and implementing it in a free sparring scenario can sometimes be a large one, but it is a very satisfying combination to pull off!



Clinton started his swordplay studies at Academie Duello in 2004 and has since studied rapier, longsword, sidesword, and grappling. A general interest in swords led Clinton to start training at the Academie and, though he enjoys all our taught weapons, he has a slight preference for the rapier. Clinton eventually began instructing because he enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. 



Erik started his martial arts journey at Academie Duello in 2006 when he bought an introductory course (rapier only at the time) at a Circle Craft Fair and hasn’t looked back since. He enjoys the physical and mental exercise involved in swordplay as well as the historical and physical research involved. He started teaching introductory rapier courses in 2008 and progressed to teaching apprentice-level rapier, longsword and sidesword. He has advanced in rank to the provost level, one of five in the school, at the time of this writing, becoming proficient in single rapier; rapier with offhand weapons such as the dagger, cloak, staff, buckler, and a second rapier; longsword; single and double sidesword as well as with buckler; staff; spear; dagger (rondel); and unarmed.



Erin began at Academie Duello by attending Knight Camp in 2012. Since then, she has attended both youth and adult classes, and while she enjoys everything Duello teaches, she has an especial preference towards the bow, longsword, and the fascinating historical side of the practice. She loves having the opportunity to pass on her knowledge to others and introduce them to the art and school that has been part of her life for so many years.



At the age of 10, Fraser enrolled in our Knight Camp program and has continued studying HEMA with us ever since, learning rapier, sidesword, sword and shield, longsword, and polearms. Fraser now helps instruct Knight Camp, having an excellent grasp of the program as a former attendee, helping to make Knight Camp as fun and engaging as possible!
In his spare time, Fraser plays the bagpipes, does forging and metalworking, and studies physics and engineering.



Hugh began his journey in swordplay in 2013 with a keen interest in longsword, and has grown to appreciate the technical depths of combat and the delight of swinging a sword. Having trained hard to be the first in the school to obtain the rank of Scholar (Blue cord) in Longsword Mastery at Academie Duello, Hugh is now focusing his efforts on improving his abilities as an instructor, his understanding of foundational mechanics, and his physical aptitude to wield heavy weapons and armour. A lover of the philosophy of swords and a firm believer in the benefits of swordplay for physical and mental health and wellbeing, Hugh wants to make our space safer for LGBTQI+ members of our community and model empowering and fulfilling martial academia.



While in film school in 2016, Travis took a lesson at Duello on longsword and rapier fighting, and since the has been training and trying every weapon on offer. Travis has experience with longsword, rapier, polearms, archery, sidesword & shield, and even some wrestling and grappling. Longsword is where his heart lies, and he began instructing those classes at Duello in early 2021. Inspired by great Arthurian and fantastical heroes, Travis continues to study and add to his repertoire.

Code of Conduct, Policies, and Accessiblity

Academie Duello is a diverse and inclusive space that endeavors to be welcoming to any person that participates in our classes and in our community. It is an environment supportive of every individual’s dignity, well-being, and personal goals. Academie Duello students, instructors, and staff members value difference and diversity and are committed to providing a working and learning environment that is respectful, professional, and free of bullying, harassment and discrimination. All employees, instructors and students at Academie Duello have the right to work and train in such an environment. Bullying, harassment and discrimination are neither acceptable nor tolerated at Academie Duello.

Please refer to our Instructor Code of Conduct, Student Code of Conduct, and to our Respectful Workplace Policy for students and employees:

Academie Duello Instructor Code of Conduct

Academie Duello Student Code of Conduct 2018

Academie Duello Respectful Workplace Policy 2018

If you have a specific complaint, concern, or question regarding either of these documents feel free to contact our management team directly by emailing management@academieduello.com

Accessibility Information

We understand that the individuals that come here come from a variety of backgrounds and are diverse in all natures, and we endeavor to do our best in evolving to welcoming everyone. We are a scent reduced space, we have ramps to our main floor, but unfortunately stairs to the only washrooms we provide. Service animals are allowed in our space. If you have any specific requests or concerns please contact us.

Gender Accessibility

We endeavor to continue updating our diversity policies to be as welcoming as possible, and recognize that we can always improve upon current standards. Our team at Academie Duello understands that it can be hard to feel safe as gender queer individuals. Our washrooms and change rooms are single-user, single stall spaces.

Financial Accessibility

We understand that for some people our standard rates may be difficult for regular attendance. To combat this, we have free classes on Fridays offered on a biweekly basis. We also have a work-study program that can allow access to our ongoing programs. Please contact our front desk for more information on free classes and work-study.

Privacy Policy

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