Learn Swordplay

Learn the arts of the longsword, sword and shield, and poleaxe with expert instructors and a supportive community. One of the coolest ways to get moving.Learn more…

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Build your agility, confidence, and strength with the intricate arts of the rapier, sidesword, and longsword. An exciting way to engage your mind and body.Learn more…

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Weekday Evenings and
Saturday Mornings

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Inspire your child and excite the mind and body. Ideal for those kids who have always dreamed of being a musketeer, pirate or knight.Learn more…


Next Instructor's Course
October 29

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Combines our complete martial system with a proven curriculum, teaching methodology, and effective instructional skills. Learn more…

Fitness &

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Program Anytime

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Our fitness programs involve Indian clubs, kettlebells, and swords! An exciting way to get stronger, fitter, and healthier in every way.Learn more…


Next Beginner's Workshop
October 04

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Riding and swordplay together again at last. Join us at our stables in Richmond, BC to learn the powerful mounted art of the knight.Learn more…


Next Beginner's Workshop
October 20

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Learn the precise, meditative, and graceful art of the archer. Build mental confidence, poise, and upper body strength on our indoor range.Learn more…

What to Expect

Our youngest member is 8 years old and our oldest is in their late 60's. Our classes range in length from 1-2 hours and scale to your fitness level.Learn more…

Pricing & Tuition

Beginner's workshops start at $99 for an exciting 2- to 4-hour introduction to the art, or join us for an 8-class beginner's course for just $135.Learn more…

Weekly Schedule

We offer a flexible schedule. If you are an early morning riser, part of the lunch call, after-work crew or a weekend warrior, we have programs for you.Learn more…

Learn From Home

Free Video Courses

Take the free Getting Started courses and learn combat postures, movement, cuts and thrusts. Easy to follow lessons. Quizzes and practice notes included. Do it on your own or with a friend. No experience needed. Start today!

Longsword Rapier

Distance Learning

Build your skills at home and journey the path of mastery. Online courses, huge video library, training blog and community interaction—you pick the location and the schedule!

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Group Sessions

Book NowThere's no better way to improve fitness and mental health while building each team member's individual strengths. Build your team and connect with history.Learn more…

Book NowThis is a great opportunity for your students to both study and interact with history. We get the students moving, thinking and interacting in a safe and engaging way.Learn more…

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