DUEL! Private Adventures

Corporate Sessions

Inspire your team with the historic arts of the rapier, longsword, quarterstaff, archery and more, in one of the most unique and exciting team-building experiences you can offer.

We put everyone on an even playing field and can work with all ages and fitness levels. Our corporate programs range from one-hour to all-day workshops and can feature lessons, tournaments, performances, and tours of our historic museum.

Choose from one of our themes or work with us to build your own adventure.

Join us at our beautiful 5000 sqft. facility in Downtown Vancouver, or invite us out to your office for a single session or an ongoing lesson or fitness series.

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Adult Parties & Groups

Birthday parties, bachelor(ette) parties, or a fun adventure for you and a group of companions! Put everyone on an even playing field by doing something you and your friends have never done before.

You may book an exclusive session based on any of our theme packages, or mix and match elements in the list below to design your own custom adventure!

  • Choose from rapier, longsword, quarterstaff, archery, and more.
  • Take lessons, a tour of our museum, cut stuff with sharp swords, or battle your friends in a safe and fun environment.
  • Book you adventure at our Vancouver studio, Langley stables, or at your own venue!

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Youth Parties & Groups

Give your child an unforgettable birthday or celebration! Transport your whole party back in time as they learn to the art of the rapier, longsword, quarterstaff and all manner of knightly and renaissance skills. Our studio, which includes an interactive arms-and-armour museum, will provide a safe, exciting, and fun environment for kids and parents alike.

We offer three different packages so there’s something for everyone. Programs are available for kids aged 6 and up and parents are allowed to join in. We ask that the party package have a minimum of 8 children participating and a maximum of 16.

Please note that all birthday party packages are also available at an off-site location of your own arrangement (backyard, park, or school gym, for example). We still provide swords and lessons! Travel time of more than 1 hour (round trip) may result in additional costs.

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Birthday Party Packages

The Page Package features one hour of longsword instruction and one hour of cake and present time in our facility (food not included). $25 + GST per child

The Squire Package features one hour of longsword instruction, one hour of quarterstaff instruction, 1/2 hour of heraldry, and 1 and 1/2 hours of lunch and cake and present time in our facility (food not included). $60 + GST per child

The Knight Package features one hour of longsword instruction, one hour of quarterstaff instruction, one and a half hours of heraldry & shield-making, one hour of sword and shield instruction, one hour of tournament and one and a half hours of lunch, cake and present time in our facility (food not included). $100 + GST per child

Solo & Small Group

Want a private session exclusively for you, you and a friend, or a small group? We can customize exciting swordplay, archery, and mounted combat programs to satisfy your dreams of being a renaissance or medieval warrior.

Our basic rate is $100 per hour with special group rates for groups of 5 or more.

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Set Up Your Session

Let us know a bit about what you’re looking for using the form below. Feel free to leave anything blank. Our experts will help you understand what’s possible and create the best session for you and your group. Everything will be confirmed before the session goes forward. The more information you give us in advance the faster we can confirm your session.

Feel free to call (604-568-9907) or email us (bookings@academieduello.com), or visit us at our Vancouver storefront to inquire or book your session directly.

Safety Assurance

All training is conducted under the eye of experienced instructors. We use special blunted practice swords and anytime we are doing contact striking we use safety equipment made for comfort and protection. All exercises are done with control and respect in a fun and engaging environment.

As with any physical activity there is some risk of injury. Participants with existing health problems should inform the instructor before training.

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