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Welcome! Academie Duello Centre for Swordplay is a school of Western Martial Arts devoted to teaching the traditional martial practices of Europe. We are located in Vancouver, Canada.

Our programs empower students to meet fitness goals, pursue mastery in martial arts, and engage the mind and body in a fun and unique way. We offer courses for youth and adults from a diverse selection of weapon arts. For more information about the school click here.


By Donation Online Classes

We have just launched a GoFundMe Fundraiser and brand new by-donation LIVE Online Classes with an aim to raise money and ensure Academie Duello’s survival during this difficult time. Support our Fundraiser here.

As part of our campaign we are offering by-donation live online classes for adults and youth. We have classes for beginners as well as for novice and experienced practitioners of European swordplay.

Adult classes focus on movement, grace, and solo sword skills and they can be followed with a stick, umbrella, or any other sword-like object. Our youth classes are a perfect way for kids to spend their time at home with a focus on history, knightly virtues and stories.

All classes are live-streamed through Zoom Monday-Saturday. Suggested minimum donation is only $10.

Beginner Classes

You can find the full schedule and links to these classes below & at the bottom of our GoFundMe campaign. Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you sword in hand!

Adult Sword Flow

Learn the art of flow with the powerful two-handed sword (Longsword) of the knight or the duelling sword (Sidesword) of Erol Flynn and Arya Stark. All you need is a bit of space and an umbrella, cane, dowel, broomhandle, or even a sword. In every class instructors cover the fundamentals of grip, posture, and stance and then teach how to cut and move with grace, flow, and power with the weapon. Great for coordination, structural strength, and building poise. Attend as many times as you want, build your strength, fluidity, and proficiency.

Adult Partnered Sword

Have someone at home with you? All you need is two sticks, umbrellas, dowels, or blunt swords and you’ll be able to learn the art of swordplay from your own home. This class covers single-handed and two-handed swords. No experience is required and every class is different. Join us on a swordplay adventure as many times as you’re excited to.

Youth Swordplay

Learn the fundamentals of swordplay with instructors from our award winning Knight Camp and Youth Programs. All you need is a stick, rigid toy sword, umbrella, or other short sword-like object and a little bit of space. We focus on body awareness, discipline, movement, and safe practice. Students will learn how to wield a sword like a historical knight or musketeer, learning how to attack, parry, and move in ways that inspire the imagination. Connect with swordplay without damaging any of your furniture, with our skilled online instructors.

Beginner Classes Schedule

Click on a class name to register, all class times are in PDST – Pacific Daylight Saving Time Zone


Coming back soon!


Coming back soon!



Classes for Existing Practitioners

If you already have experience in HEMA we are inviting you to be a guest to one of our ongoing online training sessions or classes.

All of these programs expect some level of prior experience. We recognize that your experience might not exactly match our programs but we welcome students of all different sword backgrounds.

You’ll get the most out of your online class if you bring an appropriate sword (or sword-like object), prepare a reasonable space for practicing, and have a camera that can allow the instructor to see you and give feedback.

Contribute to our GoFundMe campaign (recommended minimum donation per class is $10) and register for your class through this Google form. You’ll receive an email with login information to access your class.


Academie Duello’s longsword classes are based with the medieval and renaissance Italian two-handed sword traditions of Fiore dei Liberi, Filipo Vadi, and Achille Marozzo.

  • Novice classes assume a foundational understanding of a two-handed sword system including basic cuts, postures, and movement.
  • Intermediate classes assume a proficiency in a two-handed sword system including blade control, actions in tempo, fundamentals strategies from crossings (gioco stretto) and from open play (gioco largo).


Academie Duello’s classes are based on Italian rapier of the late 16th and early 17th centuries with a foundation in the teachings of Ridolfo Capo Ferro, Nicoletto Giganti, and Salvator Fabris.

  • Novice classes assume a foundational understanding of Italian rapier guards, postures, measures, and the lunge.
  • Intermediate classes assume a proficiency in blade control actions, understanding of tempo, and of basic strategy for Italian rapier.


Academie Duello’s sidesword classes are based on the Bolognese tradition of the 16th century and include use of the sword alone and with the buckler.

  • Novice classes assume a foundational understanding of a single handed cutting sword system including basic cuts, postures, and movement.
  • Intermediate classes assume a proficiency in a single handed cutting sword system including blade control, actions in tempo, fundamentals strategies from crossings (gioco stretto) and from open play (gioco largo).

Advanced Classes Schedule


  • 7:30 pm – Rapier Novice


  • 6 pm – Longsword Novice
  • 7:30 pm – Rapier Intermediate


  • 6 pm – Sidesword Novice


  • 6 pm – Rapier Intermediate
  • 7:30 pm – Longsword Novice


  • 12 pm – Sidesword Intermediate
  • 6 pm – Longsword Intermediate


  • 11 am – Rapier Novice
  • 1 pm – Longsword Novice

Help Us Spread the Word

Please help spread the word about our campaign and our by-donation classes. We’re certain that the classes will be of interest to many of your friends and family. They can be taken from anywhere in the world!

Share the link to our GoFundMe page:

And talk about us on social media with the hashtag: #SaveOurSwords


Duello.TV is Academie Duello’s premiere online video course repository. Learn the arts of the rapier, sidesword, two-handed longsword, polearms, wrestling, knife, and more through over 80 self-directed video courses and more than 500 lessons, drills, quizzes, and assignments.

We have courses for solo practitioners, pairs, and groups. Content ranges in level from absolute beginner to expert. All of the content is progressive and built from our experience running one of the largest schools of European martial arts in the world.

Move at your own pace, follow lessons from Academie Duello Maestro Devon Boorman, practice skills with straightforward homework assignments, learn theory, and progress through levels from Apprentice to Provost.

Visit Duello.TV now to sign-up for a free account to access our getting started crash courses for the rapier and longsword as well as our daily solo drill.

Start Now!

Duello Online

Live Academie Duello instruction is now available online! Join practitioners from around the world for online classes and training sessions in the ancient arts of the rapier, two-handed longsword, and sidesword and buckler.

Duello Online is a place to train from the comfort of your own home for brand new practitioners and those with prior experience in our system or others. Meet and be inspired by other practitioners, participate in classes and discussions, get personalized guidance, and progress through the ranks in our system of mastery.

What You Get With Duello Online

Access to our Online Community through Discord – Discord is a live online chat and video platform. Our server is organized by disciplines, levels, and interests. From here you can access links to our live classes, join discussions with fellow students, ask questions of instructors and senior members, and enjoy social time with others who share your passion and interests.

  • Live Online Classes – Currently delivered through both Zoom and Discord. These classes provide instruction in rapier, longsword, sidesword, and mounted combat with our expert instructors. Classes for all experience levels are offered.
  • Live class archive – Miss a class? You can take it after the fact with access to a full archive of everything we have delivered to date and into the future.
  • Lectures – Don’t have a sword or space to train? We offer regular lectures on swordplay theory, historical manuals, and more. Come listen in or participate in the Q&A.
  • Guest Lectures & Classes – It’s not just expert Duello instructors, we also have instructors from around the Historical European Martial Arts world offering their expertise exclusively to our members.
  • Online assessments – Join an instructor for a review of your skills, get feedback and private guidance, check off your assessment items and progress toward your next rank. Offered every week.
  • Online social events & opportunities – Chill out at any time in our chat lounge, ask questions about manuals in the library and take part in regular social gatherings held through Zoom and Discord. Hang out with old friends and meet new ones.

Duello Online for Beginners

Starting your journey for the first time is easy with Duello Online. Simply start with any of our regular weekly beginner classes for solo or partnered practice. Through these classes you will learn how to hold, wield, and move with the various weapons of our system. Our beginner classes focus on strength, structure, movement, and flow. You will also learn the terminology of our martial art and progress toward our apprentice level classes.

Check Out Our Schedule of Beginners Classes

Duello Online for Existing Practitioners

Already have experience at Academie Duello or with another school? Duello Online is a great way to level-up your abilities, either as a standalone program or in addition to existing classes. When you register, let us know your background experience and we’ll set up a meeting with one of our experienced instructors. From there they’ll advise you on what classes fit your existing experience and goals best, and how you can certify in our ranks on the most efficient path.

Check Out Our Schedule of Classes for Existing Practitioners

Try Out a Class

We are currently offering the opportunity to try any of our online classes by-donation through our GoFundMe campaign. This campaign is helping us make it through the Covid-19 pandemic and develop new offerings like these ones. Visit our campaign for links to all of our classes.

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