Student Resources

In this area we have collected information and resources that our students often ask us about.

Student Guides

Welcome Guide

Our welcome guide contains information about Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), participation at the school, the disciplines we practice (swords, polearms, dagger, unarmed, etc.), and sparring. It also includes our student code of conduct.

Fundamentals Guide

This is the fundamentals guide for Rapier and Longsword Fundamentals students. The guide tells you about each program, including an overview of the martial disciplines of the school, what you’ll be learning in each class, and what the long-term study of swordplay looks like at our academy.

Download a PDF of the Welcome Guide (1MB).


Facebook Group

The Facebook Group is a members-only group. It serves as our primary means for connecting with our students. Announcements, schedule updates, holiday hours, etc. all appear here.

It’s not mandatory to join the group but it will certainly help you stay connected with the school. We recommend that all ongoing students join.

Duello.TV is our online learning portal. We have videos of nearly all of our classes on the website—it’s an excellent resource if you want to revisit certain topics or find out what you missed in class. It’s a member’s service with both free and paid content. There are over 1800 individual videos and courses for all levels of experience.

Distance-learners: also features courses, including self-assessments, that mirror our curriculum.

Weekly Class Schedule

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Our glossary contains all of the terms used in our fundamentals and apprentice-level classes.


We have online images, video and text for:


Practica is a special class led by Provosts and Maestros which incorporates curriculum adjacent topics not typically covered in regular class. It’s an opportunity for instructors to share their innovations and help students develop a broader and deeper experience of our Art. Practica is divided into three parts, Focus 1, Focus 2, and Focus 3.

Focus 1: Getting better at what you know

Of the two Practica instructors, one will lead an applied-skills program focused on developing and refining skills you already have. Exercises provided in this time slot will be focussed on a particular skill set or theme chosen by the instructor. Instructors have some freedom in terms of what they chose to work on. Topics that have come up in our sessions include:

  • Applied sparring.
  • Tactical options when moving and when stationary.
  • Collaborative drills at high performance levels (like partnered assaults).
  • Exploration of related systems (working through the assaults of Marozzo, exploring stick and knife, etc).

These exercises provide students with a great opportunity to solidify skill sets and incorporate them into the context of sparring. From time to time an instructor will change things up, so there will be opportunities to develop other skills, and for students to help direct their own training.

Focus 2: Individual practice time

While you (and your training partner) are working on your own thing(s), be it solo-drilling, pairs-drilling, sparring, or something else, the instructors on the floor will help you out with feedback and coaching. Assessments can occur here, but time and attention will be spread over all students.

Focus 3: Book-able assessments

Like Focus 2, but with one big difference: you can book one on one time with an instructor in advance, and the time is all yours. Sessions are 10 minutes in length, and we’ll cover as much as possible in that time. You can learn how to book time here.

Students are welcome to mix-and-match all 3 of these focuses, while being respectful of the flow of the students and instructors. Practica will cost one hour, and we’re designing it to provide students with even more opportunities to assess, spar, and get individual attention that will help them progress. At the same time, the new instructed component will help bridge the gap between what you learn in class and the ability to implement hose skills in tests, sparring, tournaments, and elsewhere (it’ll also help you make the most of your time if you need some guidance).