Getting Started at Academie Duello

Academie Duello is the world’s largest sword fighting school and has been teaching Historical Swordplay in Vancouver since 2004. We’re devoted to teaching the traditional martial practices of Europe while incorporating modern sport science in one of the most unique fitness and socially rewarding experiences you’ll ever have.

Located close to Waterfront station, Academie Duello prides itself on offering hands on engaging programs that are accessible to people of all ages from 8 and up regardless of fitness level. Our beginners courses are designed for people who know nothing about martial arts and have never held a sword before but have always wanted to learn how to.

If you would like to find out more, click here to sign up for a trial class.

Beginner’s Courses

Rapier Fundamentals

Sign up nowRapier Fundamentals is one entry into our swordplay program and covers rapier, sidesword, and longsword. This course starts at the beginning of each month and runs for eight ninety-minute classes. Learn more…

Schedule: Mondays & Wednesdays at 7pm (for 4 weeks),  Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7pm (for 4 weeks), Saturdays at 11:30am (for 8 weeks).
Cost: $135 +GST

Longsword Fundamentals

Sign up nowLongsword Fundamentals is one entry into our swordplay program and covers longsword, sword & shield, and spear. This course starts at the beginning of each month and runs for eight ninety-minute classes. Learn more…

Schedule: Mondays & Wednesdays at 6:30pm (for 4 weeks), Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6:30pm (for 4 weeks), or Saturdays at 10am or 1pm (for 8 weeks).
Cost: $135 +GST

Youth Swordplay

Sign Up for a Trial ClassYouth ages 8-14 can join into one of the most exciting and engaging physical programs in the city. We combine knightly martial arts with history, positive values, and exercise. Learn more…

Also check out our award winning summer camp, Knight Camp!

Mounted Combat

Experience the childhood fantasy of being a knight as you take the first step in Academie Duello’s mounted combat program. Join us for either of our beginner courses to get started in this exciting discipline.

Riding and Horsemanship

Sign up nowDon’t know how to ride? We’ve got you covered. In this 6 week program you will learn the fundamentals of riding and horse care so you can set the foundation in your knightly training. Learn more…

Mounted Combat Fundamentals

Sign up nowLearn the fundamentals of swordplay from the ground and from our “false mounts”. Once you graduate from riding and horsemanship level 1, you can then get on horseback to advance your skills further. Learn more…

If you already have riding experience, please contact us to arrange an assessment so we can start you at the right level in our programs.


Beginner’s Workshops

Introduction to Archery

Sign up nowThis 3-hour workshop will immerse you in the fundamentals of archery technique, terminology, history, and theory and prepare you for the first level of our ongoing archery program.

  • The history of archery
  • The evolution of the bow
  • Implementation of good body mechanics
  • How to develop solid muscle memory to master the art
  • Proper stance, draw, and release technique
  • The Y-grip

Students will start first with theory and then move to our indoor range where they will implement that theory in coached shooting and instruction.

Cost: $99 + GST.

Introduction to Swordplay

The 4-hour Introduction to Swordplay workshop teaches beginners the essentials of the longsword, sword and shield, and rapier. Students will learn:

  • Stance and posture
  • How to move gracefully and powerfully
  • Attack and defence
  • Strategy in a sword fight
  • History of swords and swordplay

This is an ideal workshop for new students of any fitness level who are interested in learning about the arts that Academie Duello teaches in a one-time workshop or as a way of becoming introduced to the school and our ongoing program possibilities.

Introduction to Swordplay workshops take place on a monthly basis.

Schedule: See our workshop schedule for currently scheduled dates.
Cost: $99 +GST

Private Instruction (Group and Solo)

Ready to take your swordplay training to the next level?  No matter what your skill level is, book a private session with one of Academie Duello’s talented instructors to maximize your potential in intensive, one-on-one training.

Benefits of private instruction in Adult Swordplay include:

  • Detailed technical instruction
  • Learning at your own pace
  • Learning what you are doing in Adult Swordplay classes faster
  • Learning a weapon or style not taught in regular classes
  • Honing your skills with guided practice outside of class
  • The opportunity to spar under the instructor’s guidance

Sessions cost $100 per hour for a single session or $70 per hour when purchased as a series of 4 or more. Up to 4 students may participate together. Larger groups can be accommodated as well, see our Groups area for more information.

Contact the front desk at 604-568-9907 or to book a private lesson today.


Personal Fitness

Personal training is available to complement your swordplay studies, achieve fitness goals, and increase overall movement health. Read more about it here.

Come Down and Check Us Out

Give us a visit at 412 West Hastings to get a sense of everything that Academie Duello has to offer and watch any classes currently in session.

We are open from noon – 8pm Monday to Friday, and 10am – 5pm on Saturdays. Check out our Schedule to see what’s happening during the week.

While you’re in, you can try picking up a sword or two in our store to see how it feels in your hands. Browse our selection of books and gift items, or walk through our museum to learn more about the rich martial traditions on which we base our programs. Our friendly staff will be happy to inform you about our programs and answer any questions that you might have.

Testimonials from Academie Duello students

Over the years Academie Duello has had numerous students through our doors from all walks of life, some stayed to become longterm members, some have moved on to other things. Click the link above to see what some of them had to say about their time here.

Testimonials from Professional Martial Artists

Academie Duello is renowned amongst professional martial artists as one of the top of studios of Western martial arts in the world. Click here to find out why Academie Duello has such a sterling reputation!