Mounted Combat

Sign up nowJoin us at our friendly, transit-accessible barn in beautiful Steveston, BC, and experience the childhood fantasy of being a knight as you take the first step in Academie Duello’s mounted combat program. We also offer regular riding lessons for anyone who is interested.  There are four ways to get started.

  • Intro to Mounted Combat Workshop – Single session, 3 hours long
  • Beginner/Level 1 Riding & Horsemanship classes – 6-week course, 2 hours per session
  • Mounted Combat Fundamentals – 6-class course, 2 hours per session
  • Beginner Horseback Archery – Single session, 3 hours long

Take the Intro to Mounted Combat Workshop to get a taste of the whole program, or dive right in to the beginners courses! Ranks in the Mounted Combat Program are obtained by achieving minimum skill levels in riding, horsemanship, and mounted combat skills.

Just want to learn to ride, or to improve your English riding skills?  You’re welcome to participate in our Riding and Horsemanship Program without joining mounted combat or archery activities (though when you see how much fun we have, you may change your mind!).

Intro to Mounted Combat Workshop

Sign up nowDuring this single session workshop you will get a taste of the three components of the Mounted Combat program:

  • Riding – Get an introduction to fundamental riding techniques
  • Horsemanship – Learn how to safely handle, groom, saddle and bridle your horse
  • Mounted Combat – Practise basic sword fighting techniques from the ground and horseback

Beginner Riding & Horsemanship Course

Sign up nowIn this 6-week course you gain a solid understanding of fundamental horse care and build up your riding skills at the walk and trot. Students can expect to be ready to assess Horsemanship Level 1 at the end of the six classes. Readiness to assess for Riding Level 1 typically takes two iterations of the course.


  • Haltering, leading & securing your horse
  • Points of the horse
  • Parts of the saddle & bridle
  • Grooming & tacking up
  • Untacking and care of tack
  • Basic feeding and needs of the horse
  • Spend time safely and happily around these magnificent and gentle creatures.


  • Turn out and checking tack
  • Mounting & dismounting
  • Warm up exercises
  • Basic seat position
  • Aids for walk, trot and halt
  • Circles & turns
  • Rising trot
  • Ground rails
  • Introduction to canter if ready
  • Single hand reining
  • Stirrupless work
  • Introduction to games skills

After you successfully complete Beginner Riding & Horsemanship, you will qualify to participate in Mounted Games events at our Playdays.  You’ll also be able to progress in our higher levels of Riding and Horsemanship classes.  Activities in our program include mounted games, jumping cross-country obstacles, doing drill work in a group, bandaging a horse and providing emergency first aid, and learning other specific skills you need to become a competent rider and horse person.  If you have prior English riding experience, you may request an assessment and join the program at a higher level.  Private riding lessons and part-leases are also available – just contact us for further information.

We offer Beginner Riding & Horsemanship five times per year. Sign up now for our next set of lessons!

Mounted Combat Fundamentals

Sign up nowThis 6-week series of classes is intended to give you the basics of swordplay from the ground to prepare you for fighting from horseback.

Participants at this level will practise from the ground and the falsemount to achieve the combat skills needed to attain the rank of Green Spur and participate in Mounted Sparring clinics and tournaments. Students who have their Riding and Horsemanship Level 1 and who attend all five classes can reasonably expect to attain their Green Spur by the end of the series.  Once you have your Green Spur, you can sign up for Intermediate Mounted Combat, and can spar in our regular Playday event, as well as competing in our annual Carosella tournament.  We offer Mounted Combat Fundamentals three times per year.  Sign up now for our next set of classes!

Beginner Horseback Archery

Sign up nowIn this three hour workshop for beginners you will spend an hour and a half on the ground learning the fundamentals and body mechanics of Hungarian style horse archery. You will then have an opportunity to shoot from both the falsemount (wooden horse) and real horses led by experienced handlers.

This workshop is appropriate for beginner archers and riders, experienced archers who would like to learn to shoot from horseback, and experienced riders who would like to add archery to their repertoire of mounted skills.

This course is offered 3 times a year, and all equipment is provided.  For more advanced riders who have taken the beginner Archery class, Intermediate Horseback Archery class takes place the same day.

Course Options

If an event is closed, or if it shows no spaces available, give the front desk a call (604-568-9907) and we’ll see if we can fit you in!

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If you already have riding or swordsmanship experience that you feel may be applicable, contact us to inquire about entering the program at a more advanced level.