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Knight Academie Program

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Saturdays  11 am – 1:30 pm

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In our premier youth program, Knight Academie, students train to become fully-fledged knights versed in the Historical Martial Arts of Europe (HEMA) learning and practicing longsword, sword & shield, polearms, archery, and the Knightly Virtues, such as Integrity, Mercy, and Courage!

Students in Knight Academie follow the same rank progression as participants in Academie Duello's Knight Camp, from Paggio (Page) to Cavalieri su Veglia (Knight on Vigil), as they progress on their path to knighthood.

Each 12-week term includes:

  • 12 hours of weapons classes, including lessons in longsword, sword & shield, and polearms
  • 12 hours of archery classes, for beginners and experienced shooters
  • Knightly Virtue lessons with Virtue Quests to complete each week
  • Exercises and drills for improving skills at home between classes
  • Sparring practice and tournaments!
  • Grand tournament on the last class of the term!
  • Knightly Trials to accomplish in each of the seven progressive rankings, from page to knight
  • Bonus 30 minutes of practice time after each class to get extra help, more sparring, and work on Knightly Trials!

Join at the start of the term or at the beginning of month 2 or 3.


8 - 14 years


$720 + tax

Monthly payment plans are available! Please call 604-568-9907 or email to get one set up for you!

Price is prorated for kids entering in month 2 or 3. Please call for late enrolment.

Not sure if this is a right fir for your child? Come try a class for free!

See below for dates.

Dates and Times:

April 6 - June 29, 2024 (no class May 25)

Saturdays  11 am – 1:30 pm

Knight Academie is a weekly, ongoing version of Knight Camp (video above).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy extra gear for my child?

Yes, your child will need some basic protective gear, but you don’t need to spend a ton of money to obtain it! The necessary pieces are reasonably priced and available at stores such as SportChek, Walmart, and Canadian Tire. There are also three fabulous used-equipment shops in Vancouver: North Shore Sports Swap, Sports Junkies, and Cheapskates. While we have some spare gear for use during class, we can’t guarantee enough supply for everyone, or that what is available will fit your child perfectly. Fencing masks, swords, and archery equipment are provided by the school and sterilized after each use.  

Required Gear:

  • Groin protection (Jock strap and cup is required for boys and a Jill strap is reccomended for girls.)
  • Rigid plastic elbow and knee pads. 
  • Shoulder and shin guards are recommended, but not required.
  • Padded gloves, such as hockey or lacrosse gloves.


How easy is it to get to Academie Duello?

For transit users, we are very close to the Waterfront Skytrain Station, West Coast Express, and the downtown Seabus Terminal, with many families walking, biking or scootering to our studio. Conversely, with our curbside drop off and pick up at our front front door, commuting by car is far easier than you might expect.


Is this program only for boys? Will there be any girls in class?

In our programs, girls are not a minority and are just as excited and capable as boys! Approximately half of our students and instructors are female. All genders, gender identities, and gender expressions are welcome and represented. 


How do you practice martial arts safely?

We use martial arts to teach fair play, discipline, and respect for self and others. Many kids play with swords at home and our classes teach them to do that in an inherently safe, considerate, and regardful way. Minimizing injury risk is a top priority for us, so we have designed courses and protective gear requirements such that our classes are very safe, with all activities supervised by a professional instructor. The fundamental emphasis in Knight Academie is on care, compassion, and virtue.



What if my child is really shy?

That’s ok! We welcome all types of kids and have had many of them start out very shy and unsure. Some have been almost too afraid to step through the door at first, but they have all ended up having an absolute blast in our classes! If you’re concerned about your child feeling shy or fearful, we invite you to call the front desk (604.568.9907) to arrange a tour to help your kid feel comfortable in our space. We do this for families quite often and it really helps kids to see how welcoming the school is. Once they get inside, their shyness is less of an issue as they become enthralled at the sight of all the cool stuff that they’re going to get to use in class! 


What if my kid doesn’t like sparring?

Knight Academie isn’t just about sparring. Classes include archery, exciting stories about history, cool knightly virtue activities, and games. We approach sparring in creative ways, including games like Sword Tag and Dodge & Jump which emphasize fun, physical skills, and free movement. With different levels of sparring participation, kids who love it can do lots, and kids who are not as comfortable with it can do less. We also have other ways they can learn and help out the Masters during sparring, such as helping marshal sparring matches! 


Will this be too easy/hard for my child to learn?

Each class will have beginner as well as intermediate level instruction so that no matter their experience level your child will always have fun and appropriately challenging activities.