Youth Bookings

Birthday Parties & Family Gatherings!

Give your child an unforgettable birthday or celebration! Transport their whole party back in time as they learn the art of swordplay, archery, and all manner of knightly and historical skills. Our studio, which includes an interactive arms & armour museum, will provide a safe, exciting, and fun environment for kids and parents alike.

We offer a number of different packages, so there’s something for everyone. Programs are available for kids aged 5+, with parents allowed to join in. We ask that the group have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 20 children participating.

Please note that all birthday party packages are also available as an off-site event at the location of your own arrangement (backyard, park, or school gym, for example). We provide the equipment and lessons! Please note that travel time is an additional charge.

All attending children must have a parent or legal guardian complete our Youth Informed Consent form prior to attending a booking.

Planning a school field trip? See our School Programs page for our engaging educational offerings.

The Knight Adventure

The Knight Adventure is a thrilling and educational experience designed for kids aged 8 & up. During this one-hour booking, children will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of knights.

Included in the Knight Adventure:

  • Learn Knightly Weapons - Kids will receive expert instruction on using the longsword and staff. They can choose to focus on mastering either weapon, or try their hand at both.
  • Try on Real Armour - Step back in time as children get the chance to try on authentic knight's armour. They will feel the weight and presence of this historical protective gear.
  • Handle Real Swords - Our museum collection boasts a selection of real swords, and kids will have the unique opportunity to handle these impressive weapons under the guidance of our knowledgeable instructors.

Perfect for birthday parties, families, friend get-togethers and more. The Knight Adventure is an unforgettable experience that combines history, skill-building, and hands-on exploration. It will ignite a sense of adventure and transport children to the world of medieval knights.

1 hour

$40 + GST per child, groups of 7 or more $35 + GST per child

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The Archery Adventure

The Archery Adventure is an exciting and educational experience designed for kids aged 8 and up. In this immersive activity, children will have the opportunity to learn the art of archery using recurve and horse bows at our indoor range.

Included in the Archery Adventure:

  • Archery skills - Children will practice their aim and precision as they take aim at targets in our safe and controlled indoor range. They will learn proper shooting techniques and gain confidence in their archery skills.
  • History and hands-on - Our expert instructors will guide the participants through the history of archery, sharing fascinating insights into this ancient sport.
  • Competition - Engage in an exciting archery tournament or a balloon-shoot survival match.

Whether it's a family outing or a birthday celebration, the Archery Adventure offers a memorable experience for all.

1 hour

$40 + GST per child, groups of 7 or more $35 + GST per child

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Swords & Bows

Bring together the excitement of both our Knight and Archery Youth Adventures. Get hands-on with swords, try on armour, learn to wield a sword and quarterstaff, and shoot a bow! Two hours of fun for kids, ages 8+.

2 hours

$80 + GST per child, groups of 7 or more $70 + GST per child

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Knight for Hire

Bring the excitement of a lord or lady knight in full armour to your next party or family gathering. Our authentic medieval warrior will transport you and your guests to a world of chivalry, bravery, and swordplay. Open to groups of children and adults ages 5+.

Included in the Knight for Hire Adventure:

  • Authentic Knightly Experience - Our knowledgeable knight will bring real armour and swords for kids to try on and handle under close supervision. Feel the weight and power of these historical artifacts as you embark on a journey through the ages.
  • Fight a Knight - Engage in an exhilarating foam sword fight with our skilled knight. Test your skills, strategy, and bravery as you duel against a formidable opponent.
  • Arms & Armour Museum Tour - If you choose to visit our centre, you'll have the opportunity to explore our captivating arms & armour museum. Discover the fascinating history behind these incredible artifacts and gain a deeper understanding of the medieval world.

Our Historical Museum & Adventure Centre is the perfect venue for birthday parties and group events. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, or simply looking for an exciting adventure, our immersive experience will leave lasting memories for all participants.

1 hour

$40 + GST per child, groups of 7 or more $35 + GST per child

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