A Fistful of International Sword Press

We offer an eclectic mixture for this round and though not all of them are useful in our ‘studies’ – hopefully, they will appeal to your ‘interests’. Respects all, Wes


In Memory


THE PROVINCE (Vancouver, British Columbia) 13 November 11 Surrey Sikhs offer sword to military

Sikhs of the Surrey Dasmesh Darbar Gurudwara conducted a special Remembrance Day prayer ceremony and presented a ceremonial sword to an honour guard of the destroyer HMCS Algonquin in recognition of the sacrifices of Canada’s soldiers. See photo at URL



Arming Up Down Under


AUSTRALIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION 04 November 11 What would anyone want with jousting sticks? (Margaret Burin)

The art of joust is alive and well in Australia. Wayne Rigg explains having just returned from a recent event in Canberra where he placed second in jousting and first in a skill at arms tournament, involving swords and targets: "Essentially it's running flat-stick on a horse in full armour at another person doing the same thing with the intention of knocking them off."

And it is not just the rider that needs specialised training prior to jousting: "It's very unnatural for a horse to run at another horse flat-out, let alone with some crazy guy on its back."
Photos at URL below



Swords too often fought over


BARIKAD (Budapest, Hungary) 11 July 11 Kurszk hun kincsei

Two ‘gold’ Hun ceremonial swords have been recovered from a site near the Ukrainian city of Kursk – more famous of late for the massive WWII tanks battles that occurred there. This horde of the Huns had been previously robbed and otherwise damaged - but it still yielded enough treasure to force archaeologists to rethink their understanding of Hun culture and technology.

While this is not exactly a WMA event, a quick look at the photos at the URL will educate the sword student on the ‘Hun state of the art’ as it was when they were faced down by the European King Theodoric I at the Battle of Châlons (451)



A Public Service Announcement


TILBURG DICHTBIJ (Netherlands) 07 October 11 Heidenfest: drinkhoorns en zwaarden verboden (Arno de Natris)

In a tribute to common sense – and maybe past experience, Dutch officials running the medieval Heidenfest have stipulated that horned-helmets, shields and swords are not welcome in the beer garden!

Yeesh. Hearty drafts, cold steel, fire (probably) and story-filled, alpha-men-at-arms tired and dry from a long day of melee – what could possibly go wrong?



The Sword Identity.


TELLING STORIES (UK) August?11 Trafford Sword Club

I’m impressed with this fencing club’s dramatic and artistic combination of their fencing passion with local history – and the thematic placement of their colours! ‘Heraldic themes’ do not have to be stuffy and fussy.