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Growing HEMA in Istanbul

Posted on by devonboorman

This past weekend, I was teaching in Istanbul, Turkey, a city that was arguably the centre of the western world at one time. It is a city steeped in both European and Asian history. Every site you visit reveals layer upon layer of history that goes back at least 2000 years. This makes Istanbul both an interesting and fitting place…

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An Amazing Swordplay Weekend in Italy

Posted on by devonboorman

A little more than a week ago, I was arriving in Italy to the sala of Roberto Gotti for a special gathering of swordsmen called Giocatore. This was a weekend of martial encounters across disciplines, opportunities to share knowledge, and time to immerse oneself in study and camaraderie. First about Gairethinx Gairethinx in the Lombard language means "Meeting of Spears".…

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Adopted Sword Press: News for May 2017

Posted on by Major Wes

Now about two decades old, the modern study of HEMA is continuing to gain enthusiasts from non-traditional venues. We’re already familiar with our peers in Japan that have an interest in medieval western martial arts, mirroring the western interest in ‘kendo’ and any of the Chinese swordplay disciplines. The item on Romania’s interest in and contribution to HEMA highlights an…

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Book Review: “ A Gentleman’s Guide to Duelling ” by Saviolo

Posted on by Major Wes

Jared Kirby presents his interpretation and editing of Vincentio Saviolo’s 1595 work 'Of Honour and Honourable Quarrels'. Vincentio Saviolo set up a fencing salle in Elizabethan London ‘about’ late 1580-ish, but he is perhaps better known to most in the HEMA rapier community as being the ‘dandified Italian’ against whom George Silver ranted. That aside, Saviolo had a successful career…

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Spring Season Sword Press: News for April 2017

Posted on by Major Wes

Most sports require a novice to spend a lot of money to equip themselves with those pieces of kit necessary to start learning the basics of the game. (European football and ultimate Frisbee perhaps being the exceptions here). Ice hockey, lacrosse and American football require significant equipment commitment before the first timer can safely set foot onto the field. It…

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Book Review: “Cut & Thrust – European Swords and Swordsmanship” by Dougherty

Posted on by Major Wes

This recent inclusion to the HEMA body of common knowledge is very much a 'beer and peer' book. That is to say, you can open the book into most any chapter, and find a statement or assessment that should lead to intelligent debate among your knowledgeable sparring partners. In ‘Cut & Thrust’ Martin Dougherty describes his take on how the…

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March Madness Playday

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Yes!  We may have been snowed out for our regularly scheduled Playday on February 5th, so we've thumbed our noses at the weather and the schedule alike, and will hold it on March 5th instead. No need to register in advance: just show up.  Mounted games and mounted sparring right after Mounted Combat Class.  Bring your bow if you want…

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Join An Official Study Group or Form One!

Posted on by devonboorman

Academie Duello is proud to announce our listing of official study groups and affiliate schools around North America! All of these groups are run by certified study group leaders or ranked instructors. If you’re keen on learning what we have to offer, but don’t live in Vancouver, now is your chance to connect with a group near you! Become a…

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March Instructor Intensive Registration Now Open!

Posted on by devonboorman

Public registration for the Academie Duello Instructor Intensive taking place March 6th to 10th is now open! Join us in beautiful Vancouver, Canada for a fun and challenging 50-hour immersion in the arts of the rapier and longsword. If you have ever dreamed of being a teacher of Historical European Martial Arts or simply want to have the knowledge of…

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Selectively Quotable Sword Press: News for January 2017

Posted on by Major Wes

When we read ‘press’, (yes, the ‘real news’ press), we must remember that any item offered by a newspaper is often restricted by column length … the journalist is only allowed so much space to present their story. And sometimes, these restrictions result in a quotation being taken out of context; misplaced in context; or – people being human –…

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