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Mounted Combat has moved to Langley

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Our Mounted Combat Program has made a huge leap forward!  The horses, the program, and the Program Head, have moved to Cornwall Ridge Farm in Langley BC.  The farm, which covers 12 acres on 16 Avenue near Campbell Valley Park, is ideally equipped to suit the needs of the program, and provide greater comfort for our students and horses. Two…

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The Mounted Combat Program Moves to Langley

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Exciting changes are a-hoof in the Mounted Combat Program.  As of August 1st, 2018, the horses and the program will be moving to 21955 16 Ave in Langley.  This beautiful property (formerly Ridge Meadows Farm) near Campbell Valley Park has an indoor arena, heated lounge, two outdoor arenas, and ten acres of pasture for our horses and riders to enjoy.…

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Event Report: Vancouver Martial Challenge 2018

Posted on by devonboorman

On the weekend of June 1st, 2018, Academie Duello hosted our third annual Vancouver Martial Challenge. This is a weekend focused on the joy of sparring in a relaxed and collaborative environment. Each day all of the participants endeavour to spar with one another (in a diversity of disciplines) and at the end of each day we vote for the participant…

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Mounted Combat Arts Intensive: Pilot Program Registration Open

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Mounted Combat Arts Intensive New for 2018, we are planning to offer a full five-day Mounted Combat Arts  Intensive from July 2nd to 6th.  This 50-hour program offers you the chance to immerse yourself in a full week of mounted combat arts both in and out of the saddle.  Throughout the week you will learn the foundation of our approach to…

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Festive Easter Sword Press News for March 2018

Posted on by Major Wes

[caption id="attachment_21131" align="alignright" width="200"] Steal my eggs? This'll teach you![/caption] “The duel took place on Easter Eve, and Herr von Kotze was slightly wounded and taken to hospital. The next morning he received the congratulations of the Kaiser and an Easter egg, …”[1] Ah yes, Easter Bunnies with blades Hares and HEMA Rabbits …. well, you get the idea! Sting…

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Book Review: “Irish Swordsmanship” by Miller

Posted on by Major Wes

The Masters of Fence? Who came to your mind first? Ridolfo Capo Ferro of Italy? Hieronimo de Caranza of Spain? Joseph Swetnam of England? Richard Sheridan of Ireland? Wait a minute … Who? From Where? [caption id="attachment_20966" align="alignright" width="200"] Not your ‘sinsearachs’ swordsman!(University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo)[/caption] A Broad Overview If the latter country, let alone the personality,…

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Youthful Sword Press News for February 2018

Posted on by Major Wes

[caption id="attachment_20912" align="alignright" width="150"] Boy's armour c1610Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds[/caption] “A characteristic of adolescent games is that they are preparation for adult games and sport. Organized tournaments, for instance, were for adults, but adolescent males began to train for ritualized or real fighting. The city fathers were against such training, because … it would simply lead to a disruption of…

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Revisiting the Harms of Unsolicited Help

Posted on by devonboorman

Recently, many female identified practitioners in my life have been bravely and gracefully sharing with me their challenges in being students in martial arts. One of the main things that comes up time and time again is how difficult it is to be a student when their, typically male, partners seem eager to constantly offer them unsolicited help.  That inspired…

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Schedule Change: Jumping Courses Postponed

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Due to unseasonably late snow, we have decided to delay starting the Riding Level 3, Jumping and Riding Level 4+, Jumping courses at Red Colt for two weeks.  This will give the ring time to recover from its late-season slush and firm up enough for jumping.  These courses will now start on Saturday March 17th. Note that all other courses are running as…

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Springing into Mounted Combat

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Snow may have fallen this week, but that didn't keep us from riding and practising mounted combat.  And with spring just around the corner, we have many more course offerings to get you out of the salle and into the saddle. Spring Courses at Red Colt Mounted Combat Mastery February is sword & shield month, and we'll be doing more…

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