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Reflective Sword Press News for August 2017

Posted on by Major Wes

Yes, August. Somewhere following, there are three items that are not necessarily ‘HEMA-heavy’ as they are reflective of some assessments of why people undertake martial arts … including swordplay in various forms. We have one Chinese assessment of what HEMA is, and a Ukraine piece describing how various celebrations of martial arts disciplines can contribute to a deeper understanding of…

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Carosella 2017 Photos

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Another amazingly fun and exciting Carosella has passed us by.  Congratulations to our high-point tournament winner Robert Borsos, and all the other riders who took home prizes!  Here are a few photos from Sunday courtesy of Double Exposure Photography.  Enjoy! [caption id="attachment_20190" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Steph vs Robert in the Spur Tournament[/caption] [caption id="attachment_20192" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Cat & Tika gallop home[/caption]…

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Congratulations to Our Blue Spur Pioneers!

Posted on by jenniferlandels

The last day of Carosella is always special, as the competition is the culmination of the weekend's -- and the year's -- work in the Mounted Combat Program.  This Sunday was even more special as we had our first cohort of apprentices challenge the scholar level of our program, the Blue Spur. [caption id="attachment_20174" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Karissa and Christian battle…

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Carosella 2017: Don’t Miss All This!

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Carosella will be here in less than a fortnight!  If you haven't registered yet, don't delay — there are only 20 spaces each day for mounted activities.  (That said, if you are on the wait list for Mounted, there is plenty to keep you busy from the ground all weekend).  You can sign up here. Friday, September 8th Friday morning…

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Why I Don’t Believe in Tough Love

Posted on by Jon Mills

I don't believe in tough love. Yet, for some reason, society treasures it. We love the anti-hero archetype that speaks their mind and doesn’t bullshit (hey, people used this as a reason to vote for Trump), and there is something in that: The truth is important. We should value the truth. However, the truth is neither "tough" nor "weak", those…

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Carosella 2017 FAQ

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Registration for Carosella 2017 is open!  This year spaces for participating on horseback are limited to 20, so be sure to sign up soon. Now it's time to answer some of those frequently asked questions.... Q: How can I sign up for Carosella? A: You can register online here for full and one-day passes.  Regular entries close Monday September 4th. Post-entries…

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Horseback Archery FAQ

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Horseback Archery is Back! The ever-popular Beginner and Intermediate Horseback Archery workshops with Robert Borsos are back this Sunday, August 6th.  People have been asking which course they can and should take and whether their existing skills are up to par.  So let's deconstruct it for you. Frequently Asked Questions Shouldn't I learn how to ride before taking Beginner Horseback…

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Duelling Sword Press News for July 2017

Posted on by Major Wes

In the history of duelling we read the history of of mankind in the development of evil passions, and the occasional display of some redeeming qualities.[1] Last month we had the press assessment that Canada ‘might’ be establishing the legal conditions that would allow us to return to ‘the duel’ as a socially acceptable method of settling our differences. Might.…

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International Mounted Games meet Mounted Combat

Posted on by jenniferlandels

On Thursday July 13th, Academie Duello hosted a Mounted Combat day for competitors on the International Mounted Games Exchange.  Twenty fifteen-year-olds plus coaches and chaperones from the UK, USA, Australia, and across Canada made Red Colt a stop on their two-week tour of the Lower Mainland and the Island. [caption id="attachment_19965" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Team Canada learning spear with Chris[/caption] Putting…

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Summer Courses with Horses at Red Colt

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Summer is here at last!  Don't let the beautiful days slip through your fingers ... get out and on a horse this month!  In addition to our regular classes we have added jumping and cross country clinics this month.  Look for more clinics next month as well ... Summer Courses at Red Colt Jumping Clinic This clinic is intended for…

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