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Pursue Your Art Your Way

Posted on by devonboorman

Do you like to put on full protective gear and really feel the rush or high intensity combat? Or, do you simply like the feel of the sword in your hand, weaving through patterns, an extension of your body? Or, perhaps you like the dance, smooth and intricate, collaborative as much as competitive. Martial arts can be a solitary practice,…

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Stadium Jumping: the half course

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Riding Level 4: Stadium Jumping At level 3 we asked you to jump a couple of cross-rails and navigate some poles on the ground.  Four level 4 you will have to ride a 13.  Stadium Course 3-4 fences.  Verticals, spreads, combinations.  2’ maximum. A regular course usually has at least eight jumps, so this is in fact only half a…

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The Pedestal: What We Expect From Our Teachers

Posted on by devonboorman

I have come to wonder if placing our teachers on pedestals is about elevating them, or if it's really about lowering and restricting ourselves?  Elevating our teachers to a realm beyond what is humanly achievable can be a strategy for minimizing our own expectations, and thus our disappointments. If the goal is unachievable there are fewer uncomfortable demands, and one's…

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Hands up! Jumping single-handed

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Riding Level 4: Jumping single-handed One of the skills we ask you to show in the Mounted Combat program that you won't find in most riding curricula is the ability to 12. Jump a small x-rail with single-hand reining This, of course, is a prequel to being able to jump with a weapon in hand.  Granted, most mounted combat occurs…

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Conquering Fear with Mr. Bumble

Posted on by Jon Mills

Meet Mr. Bumble. Mr. Bumble is scared of everything. Mr. Bumble is a foster rat currently in my care. He was found living outside. Before we took him in he was a day away from becoming snake food (seriously!) and at some point in his adventures he broke a number of toes, so he was likely in a lot of pain.…

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For Want of a Horse …

Posted on by jenniferlandels

The High Cost of Horsing Around We are fortunate at Academie Duello.  We are one of the few HEMA schools in the world that own horses.  Between our three horses and the horses that other owners at Red Colt Co-op make available to us, we are able to run classes, workshops, clinics, and our annual three-day symposium, Carosella for participants…

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Summer Riding at Red Colt Starts Now

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Summer may be three weeks away officially, but summer riding starts this weekend, with new courses of Riding and Horsemanship.  Stay tuned for the return of Friday clinics on Mounted Games, Prix Fiore, Cross Country and more later on this month.  June is also the time to renew your Mounted Combat membership if you are on a half-year cycle.  Don't…

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Reading & Writing Strategies for In-Class Learning

Posted on by devonboorman

If you feel that you learn best by reading or writing, you are not alone. For many, these are the learning skills that they've had the most practice with since our school system focuses so much on them. This in itself is an important note. It may not be that you are "wired this way", simply that you have not…

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Bounce that Line! Riding Gymnastics

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Riding Level 4: Gymnastics In the equine world, gymnastics have nothing to do with leotards, balance bars, or vaulting horses. [caption id="attachment_19758" align="alignright" width="300"] A crossrail bounce or no-stride. ie, the horse lands and takes off without a canter stride between jumps.[/caption] Rather, a gymnastic exercise, sometimes called a grid, is a line of jumps or poles set with one, two, or…

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Why “Clean” Eating Challenges Are Hot, Stinking Garbage

Posted on by Jon Mills

So, this clean eating challenge popped up in my feed a few days ago because several people I know are taking it. We’re about to go down a rabbit hole, so I guess before we begin I should clarify: I don’t blame people for doing this stuff. I don’t blame people for hoping it will help them change. This is not about…

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