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Horse Archery a Sunny Success

Posted on by jenniferlandels

The weather was perfect, the horses were mellow, and the students all left with smiles on their faces after our day of Horseback Archery with Robert Borsos of Borsos Torzs Horse Archery.  The beginners started the day by learning Hungarian archery from foot, before we mounted them up on friendly school horses with handlers for some shooting from the saddle. The bows…

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Shooting from the Saddle: Horseback Archery Returns May 7th

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We're delighted to welcome back Robert Borsos of Borsos Torsz Horse Archery for another day of workshops on Sunday May 7th!  The Beginner workshop is suitable for riders and archers of all levels from those who've never held a bow or sat upon a horse on up.  The Intermediate workshop is for those who have taken the Beginner course previously…

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Carosella, Last Chance to …

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Online registration closes today for Carosella!                 As our major event for the year, Carosella is your last (and sometimes only) chance to participate in some workshops and events in 2016, including: Intro to Mounted Combat Horseback Archery Classical Riding Clinics (only 1 space left!) Prix Fiore workshop Bandaging & Equine First Aid Clinics Ballet at…

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Countdown to Carosella 2016

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Carosella 2016, our full three-day symposium of mounted combat, horseback archery, skill-at-arms, and horsemanship, is coming up fast.  This once-a-year event is an unparallelled chance to immerse yourself in these ancient arts.  Whether you're an experienced rider and martial artist, or completely new to it all, there is plenty to engage you all weekend. If you haven't signed up yet,…

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Fight like a Boss … from Horseback

Posted on by jenniferlandels

[caption id="attachment_17629" align="alignright" width="300"] The battle of Crécy[/caption] From Alexander the Great, to the Sultan Mehmed, to Louis XIV of France, monarchs entered battle on the backs of horses.  There are practical reasons for this:  from a horse you can see farther, move faster, and avoid many of the dangers a foot soldier faces.  In addition, the beauty and power…

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Conditioning: Warm up to Work

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Horsemanship Level 4: Conditioning pt II At the end of April we covered work versus exercise in our Level 4 conditioning topic: 7. Work vs. exercise. Warm-up and cooling out, reasons why. Cooling out was covered in this Level 3 post, so this week we'll look at what constitutes an effective warm up. Just like you, your horse needs to…

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Red Colt News

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Please join us in welcoming Red Colt's new resident caretakers, Elise Marquis and Graham Dube!  Elise and Graham moved in at the end of April, and we are thrilled to have them join our team.  Over the past year there has been a fair amount of upheaval at the barn with co-op members pulling in different directions, as well as…

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Mounted Combat Playday this Sunday

Posted on by jenniferlandels

This Sunday from 1 - 4pm the arena at Red Colt will be alive once more with the thunder of hooves, the twang of bowstrings and the clash of swords for our August Playday. Mounted Games Anyone with Riding Level 1 or the equivalent can participate in these non-combative games of speed and skill, such as ring-spearing, stick-pegging, quintain etc. …

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Horseback Archery at Red Colt this Sunday

Posted on by jenniferlandels

The ever-popular Horseback Archery returns to Red Colt this Sunday, July 26th.  We have two workshops with Robert Borsos of Borsos Torzs Horse Archery this weekend.  These workshops are loads of fun, and won't return until Carosella.  Don't miss out -- sign up today! Beginner Horseback Archery Whether you are an expert rider or archer, or a complete beginner at…

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Spend Summer in the Saddle

Posted on by jenniferlandels

The weather is gorgeous, the footing is good, and the grooming is easy.  Make the most of our glorious summer by spending at least part of it on the back of a horse.  We have a whole line-up of clinics and classes over the next two months for both experienced riders and complete beginners.  Refine your skills, try a new…

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