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Why Knights did NOT ride Heavy Horses

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[caption id="attachment_17997" align="alignright" width="300"] This is the shape of an animal built to pull.[/caption] This week I visited the Suffolk Punch Trust in Woodbridge, UK.  The Suffolk Punch is the oldest registered horse breed in England, being first recorded as the Suffolk Sorrel in the 16th century.  This magnificent animal is a heavy-bodied, medium-height draught horse, bred for farm work…

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Conditioning: Warm up to Work

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Horsemanship Level 4: Conditioning pt II At the end of April we covered work versus exercise in our Level 4 conditioning topic: 7. Work vs. exercise. Warm-up and cooling out, reasons why. Cooling out was covered in this Level 3 post, so this week we'll look at what constitutes an effective warm up. Just like you, your horse needs to…

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Red Colt News

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Please join us in welcoming Red Colt's new resident caretakers, Elise Marquis and Graham Dube!  Elise and Graham moved in at the end of April, and we are thrilled to have them join our team.  Over the past year there has been a fair amount of upheaval at the barn with co-op members pulling in different directions, as well as…

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Summer Reading, Summer Riding

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With new series of Riding, Horsemanship and Mounted Combat having just started, I thought it may be useful to re-post links to blogs which cover topics in the curriculum.  You can use these blog posts as refreshers and checklists to support the material taught in classes.  Each group of posts is searchable under tags such as 'Horsemanship Level 1', 'Blue…

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Conformation: Built to Work

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Horsemanship Level 4: Conformation & Unsoundness pt II Previously we looked at types of horses, their differing builds and their abilities.  This week we'll examine general conformation, and what to look for when assessing any horse. Over centuries of domestication, selective breeding has created the variety of breeds and types we looked at in the last post.  However, the modern…

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Up Next in Mounted Combat

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Congratulations to all the participants who have just finished the 5- and 6-week Mounted Combat, Riding, and Horsemanship classes.  Everyone who was present on Sunday completed least one part of their assessments.  Kaleigh, Ari, François, Alicia, Viktoria, and Brad were tested on riding, horsemanship or both; Brad, François, Kevin, Melissa, Christian, Karissa, and Stephanie all passed various segments of their…

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Planning your Equestrian Year

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There's something a little bit artificial about New Years resolutions.  Why pick January 1st to start changing your ways, and not any other random day of the year?  Granted, we may have a few extra pounds to shed after two weeks of rich food and reduced exercise, but you're probably going to get back on track after the holidays, resolutions…

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The Brass Ring

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What do fairground rides have to do with mounted combat?  A lot, it turns out. [caption id="attachment_15451" align="alignright" width="300"] Ring-spearing on the antique carousel at the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris[/caption] The children's game of spearing rings from the back of carousel horses descends directly from knightly games.  In fact even the word 'carousel' comes from the Italian 'garosello' or 'little…

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The Cavaliere Program: Many Goals, Many Routes

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There are a multitude of reasons people come to the Cavaliere Program: they always wanted to be a knight; they're bored with the show-ring and want a new equine activity; they want to take their swordfighting to a (literally) higher level; they want to learn about horses and riding; they were horse-crazy kids whose parents never succumbed to their "please,"…

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Autumn Riding at Red Colt

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The days are getting shorter, but that doesn't keep us out of the saddle.  There is still programming happening into December, so come on out and enjoy crisp autumn sunshine with a sword in your hand and a horse beneath you. Private Classes & Drop-ins There are one or two drop-in spaces available for selected Riding dates in the current…

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