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Summer Courses with Horses at Red Colt

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Summer is here at last!  Don't let the beautiful days slip through your fingers ... get out and on a horse this month!  In addition to our regular classes we have added jumping and cross country clinics this month.  Look for more clinics next month as well ... Summer Courses at Red Colt Jumping Clinic This clinic is intended for…

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Resolve to Ride in 2017

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I hate New Year's resolutions.  They don't stick, and they end up making you feel guilty before you even flip the calendar to February.  But I do like goals.  Especially goals that are useful and achievable all year round.  And whether you like New Year's resolutions or not, January is a great time to peer into the calendar ahead and…

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Summer Reading, Summer Riding

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With new series of Riding, Horsemanship and Mounted Combat having just started, I thought it may be useful to re-post links to blogs which cover topics in the curriculum.  You can use these blog posts as refreshers and checklists to support the material taught in classes.  Each group of posts is searchable under tags such as 'Horsemanship Level 1', 'Blue…

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Effective position

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Riding Level 3: Position It's one of the first things we teach you when you start riding, and something your instructors will continue to adjust throughout your riding career.  Your position in the saddle is far more than just a matter of aesthetics.  Good position is the foundation of effective riding.  At level three we are looking for: 2. Good…

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Buckle up

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Riding Level 3: Tack Check The first item in the Riding 3 assessment is: 1. Mount independently. Adjust girth while mounted. We assume you learned to mount in Riding 1, and improved on it for Riding 2.  At this level we expect you to be smoother and more organized.  It doesn't matter whether you use a block or mount from…

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Riding Level 3

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Over the next few months this blog will cover the Riding Level 3 curriculum.  A Level 3 rider is one who rides safely and with confidence, is comfortable at walk, trot and canter with good position in all three, is beginning to jump cross rails and small vertical jumps, and can ride with precision in a group.  In terms of…

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Summer Schedule at the Stables

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This summer's schedule is a tad scattered due to various events, such as plans to re-do the arena footing, and the fact I'll be away teaching Mounted Combat in Zwiebrucken for part of July.  So I thought I'd take a break from instructional blogs to give you what scheduling I can. Intro to Mounted Combat There are still a few…

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Riding out the Silly Season

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In the media summer is the silly season, but in the northern hemisphere of the equine world, March is prime time for goofy, bizarre, and downright alarming horse behaviour.  So this week we'll take a break from swordplay and wrestling to tackle the question of how to ride those spooks. Staying in the Saddle There's an old saying that horses…

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Hands-free riding

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Riding Level 2: Riding without the reins At famous Cadre Noir school of equitation in Saumur France, riders are put on horseback on long reins or the longeline for two years before they are allowed to pick up the reins.  This insures they have a completely independent seat.  Most of our students do not have that much time to devote…

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P’s & Q’s of the Riding Ring

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Riding Level 2: Ring Etiquette Just like the theatre, dining room and public road, the riding arena has its own, often unspoken, rules of conduct.  Unlike the question of which fork to use for salad, arena rules are there for safety.  In your level 2 riding test we want you to: 14. Demonstrate safety and good manners in group Because…

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