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Eastern Europe is a ‘happening place’ for large scale WMA/HEMA/SCA-themed events – and they’re usually conducted with the support of local civic and provincial officials.  We’ve selected the most prominent for the last thirty-days and offer them up as ‘snippets’ for your further exploration, amusement … and maybe, just a little envy.


ИА REGNUM (St Petersburg, Russia) 24 November 12  В Санкт-Петербурге проходит фехтовальная Ассамблея для всех желающих

In the historic Paul’s Fortress, the St. Petersburg Fencing Club hosted a ‘Grand Assault’ during which they demonstrated a variety of historical and modern fencing styles, and conducted a competition after which the top five fighters were invited to fight for the ‘Audience Award’ – the prize for which was a 1827-pattern “Zlatoust rapier”.

Note: Rapier’s were out of style by then, so a literal translation should perhaps not be applied here – Russians swords of the 1820’s resembled these.



СЫКТЫВКАР СЕГОДНЯ (Syktyvkar, Russia) 26 November 12  Ухтинскую молодежь приобщили к истории и культурным традициям русского народа

The annual ‘Sword of Ukhta’ competition was hosted by Russia’s ‘Citadel’ historical fencing group – and featured fighters from at least seven cities.

Aside from ‘realistic sword fighting’, the tournaments are offered in an effort to showcase martial history and virtues of the local area – virtues demonstrated by both men and women as they fought in both SCA and HEMA/WMA styles before appreciative crowds including ‘provincials’ dignitaries and the city mayor.


ВРЕМЯ Н (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) 19 November 12  Современные рыцари показали мастерство боя в Нижнем Новгороде

ГТРК НИЖНИЙ НОВГОРОД (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) 19 November 12  В Нижнем Новгороде прошли соревнования по историческому фехтованию

Nizhny Novgorod was the site of one of the final qualification rounds for Russians from five cities hoping to be selected as candidates for Battle of the Nations 2013!

Local rules for any one bout seem to require ten hits per ‘fight’ (no time limit) – before the fighter could move forward to the next level.  With thirty pounds of armour on and another three in their fist, local fighters seemed to take different approaches to the eternal protection versus mobility conundrum!


КП УЛЬЯНОВС (Ulyanovsk, Russia) 13 November 12  В Ульяновске пройдет турнир по историческому фехтованию (Ольга Леготина)

In Ulyanovsk things are the same … but different.  Another regional competition – this time organised by Fencing School ‘Rus’ … and the local motor cycle club – and dedicated to the memory of Russian soldiers who have fallen in battle.

In this tournament, there were six fighting categories; including one for women only, juniors (athletes 14 to 18 years) and children (under 14 years).


КРАСНОДАРСКИЕ ИЗВЕСТИЯ (Krasnodar, Russia) 02 November 12  Чтить славные традиции

To celebrate Kazan’s historical and patriotic heritage, the thirty-six members of fencing club “Svyatoslav” participate in local festivals to demonstrate traditional Slavic weaponry and fighting techniques.

Their thrice-weekly training salle is the main floor of the regional war museum or ‘Hall of Military Glory’; where those in medieval armour fight surrounded by armour of a different sort – tanks.

Svyatoslav’s own 19-year old Julia is regional champion in sports-bayonet fighting – and against men twice her age.


ИСКРА (Kiev, Ukraine) 21 November 12  Витязь Киевского Детинца (Юлия Ефименко)

Next door to Russia, the Ukraine was busy with its own long sword, sword & shield and ‘5 on 5’ competitions – with 13 teams comprising 130 fighters fighting to be champion or ‘The Knight of Kiev’.