Bartitsu Fight Night

Tonight, and the second Friday of every month from now on, will be a Bartitsu focus night.

As with all weapon-specific Open Floors, everyone is welcome to spar with their usual weapons: rapier, longsword, etc.

The difference is that I will be there to referee bouts of cane fighting and unarmed techniques. Those who are interested in practicing their Italian wrestling skills from Abrazzare or any other unarmed WMA style are welcome to challenge each other, myself, or my Bartitsu students. We will put down mats if the combatants agree that throws are permitted, but we’ll try not to dominate the space if most prefer to spar on the hardwood.

It’s a chance for my Bartitsu class to get more experience with a variety of opponents, and a chance for others to see what Bartitsu is all about.

See you tonight at 7pm!


David McCormick Head of Stage Combat at Academie Duello and certified Instructor with Fight Directors Canada. Head of Bartitsu at Academie Duello, the longest continuously running Bartitsu program in the world.
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