Bartitsu Videos Worldwide

A picture is worth a thousand words (that's why we all like illustrations in our fight manuals), and a video is 30 images per second... so that's a lot better. Here's a selection of Bartitsu videos from around the world:


If you pause at 1m30, that poster was design by me, made to look antique to promote one of my early workshops. I wouldn't call this canonical bartitsu, but I do admire these tough guys doing full-speed training with no protection.


Watch the first Antagonisticathlon: the combative obstacle-course as the culmination of their six-week Bartitsu course. Then watch the rest of the videos from the Bartitsu Society on their YouTube channel from there.


Experimental bartitsu cane techniques in sparring match:


We will soon be adding both Bartitsu and Stage Combat to the channel, so there will be plenty of video instruction available.


Head of Stage Combat at Academie Duello and certified Instructor with Fight Directors Canada. Head of Bartitsu at Academie Duello, the longest continuously running Bartitsu program in the world.
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