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“Walter came with seventeen companions to the brewhouse with stones in their hoods, swords, knives and other weapons.  They drank four gallons of beer … the brewer’s wife realized that there would be trouble and, together with the brewer, “prayed” Walter and his companions would leave.  They refused, saying that they would stay and spend their money there since it was a public house.”

Hanawalt, Barbara A.  Growing Up in Medieval London:The Experience of Childhood in History.  Oxford U Press, New York, NY. 1993


For some reason, beer and blades had an interesting overlap this week.  One could have worse company We suppose.


Beerless Bouts in Berlin!


DER TAGESSPIEGEL (Berlin, German) 27 October 12  Freizeit im Kettenhemd (Daniela Martens)

The Berlin Knights Guild is apparently the largest medieval fighting group in the capital – with 60 members, and model themselves on mercenary groups that were fighting in the area about the 1300’s.  They meet bi-weekly to train with sword, bow and arrow … and ‘gonnes’!

Of note and related to today’s ‘rant’ (see following), the ‘Knight’s Guild’ apparently do not drink after training events (never while holding swords!) and that has resulted in that “We have made ourselves somewhat unpopular within the medieval community”.

Women can be members of the Guild, but they are not allow to shoot arrows nor melee during the public demonstrations! (No women combattants, no brew-inspired socialisation; hmm, it looks as if the Berliner Rittergilde has the ‘warrior monk’ theme down pat!)

“We are fighting for the fun of it. The sport is the most important. But as in the martial arts, it’s also about rituals and a certain moral code. “We focus on realism”.”


Blades, Beer & Bravado – What could possible go Wrong?


NORTHAMPTONSHIRE TELEGRAPH (UK) 19 October 12  Man asked Grampian staff to store sword behind bar

While not WMA/HEMA specific, this item does reflect a situation that many of Us face after training – how We conduct ourselves in a (favourite) public venue (Soapbox issues number 3 and 3a)

Some study groups are very lucky in having a local publican that understands and even supports our version of fencing; and the regulars that drop in for ‘a bit after the bout’  are welcome both for their custom and the ‘local colour’ they bring to the establishment.

Those scholars have usually earned their welcome by conducting themselves appropriately; all weapons and armour stay in their wraps; most of the obvious armour is off and packed away; they’ve showered; and there are no in-pub demos of ringen.  Basically; you act the same as the local hockey team when they socialise (sort of, maybe).

The preferred option for duellist drinking deportment … ‘IF” it’s safe, is to leave your kit in the car or near-by lock-up.  If not; have your kit secured and invisible in something appropriate that can be kept close-by your table/chair – if not actually secured to it.  Please note; usually the bar staff are not responsible for the security of your kit if you need to wander for a moment, so conduct yourself accordingly.

Judge Richard Bray said: “The risk of injury in a club when you bring in articles like (swords) is very high, especially when drink is involved.


Worm-eaten Sword?


BÜRSTÄDTER ZEITUNG (Germany) 20 October 12  Das Schwert im Herzried (Margit Karb)

After a 25-year sabbatical, a 1260 medieval sword is now on display at the Hessian State Museum.  Found by a farmer, the sword is thought to be one of those carried by the multitude of soldiers that encamped in the area at the time of the Diet of Worms.


Western Sword for an Eastern Warrior.


ART DAILY (Mexico, Mexico) 24 October 12  Medieval sword captured from Mamluk arsenal in Alexandria during last Crusade for sale at Bonhams

A medieval sword taken from the Mamluk Arsenal at Alexandria during the last Crusade is estimated to sell for $64,000 – $96,000.

The Italian-made sword was given as a gift to the Mamluk rulers of Alexandria by the Christian ruler of Cyprus and Jerusalem, King Peter I as part of a gift sealing a treaty. The sword was then forcibly taken back into Christian hands during the last Crusade’s victory over the city of Alexandria. Consequently the sword symbolises the history of the time when Christians and Muslims fought for dominance in the eastern Mediterranean.




BERNAMA (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 24 October 12  Prophet Muhammad’s Sword Among Artifacts At Maik’s 100th Anniversary

The Prophet Muhammad’s sword will be displayed at a national Malay expo and is expected to attract some 100,000 visitors.


The Manly Art of Watching Hot Women with Swords