Canada Day Sword Press

While the rest of Our peers are fighting their way through the streets of Vancouver … with the full support of its citizens (who are probably throwing money, and maybe elements of intimate apparel at the sword players) … some of us have a paper route to finish.  And on a national holiday at that!

Next week; serfdom … is the concept dead in modern Canada?


Excuse Me Sir … May I Strike You?

24 HOURS (Vancouver, British Columbia) 01 July 13  Camp inspires youth with ‘knightly virtues’ (Tyler Orton)

Academie Duello’s ‘Knight Camp’ makes the local paper again; highlighting their efforts to bring young people into medieval swordplay – and thus into the traditional virtues of integrity, humility, charity, nobility and valour that most of us grew up expecting of the knights of that time.

High guards ‘and’ good manners in the same class ... sweet!

No ‘Excuse Me’ … I’m just going to Kick You!

ВСЛУХ (Tobolsk, Russia) 18 June 13  Новинкой фестиваля «Абалакское поле» станет расширенная интерактивная программа

The military recreation event “Abalaksky Field” featured sword fighting demonstrations, full contact swordplay competitions … and the chance for audience members to get dressed up in medieval kit and have at fighters of the various historical fencing groups.  We’re under the impression that insurance and public liability laws may be just a wee bit different in some overseas venues.

And by the way, We've never seen a medieval fight book recommending an assault on a shield wall in quite that way ... to say nothing of doing it alone!

Gold for Steel!

КАРЕЛИНФОРМ (Karelia, Russia) 14 June 13  Жительница Карелии мечом завоевала «золото» на Всероссийском турнире

Galina Kohvakko continues her domination of women fighters in Russia historical swordplay ‘leagues’ (Yes, they have leagues … with civic and provincial/state-level support!).  Taking gold in the sword and shield category, Ms Kohvakko has added to her 16 gold medals awarded for “national” HEMA/WMA events!  As a result of her efforts, she will be Women’s Team Captain for Karelia’s efforts in the upcoming August Russian Interfax CIS Cup!

Safety First – then Kill Him!

OSKALOOSA HERALD (West Oskaloosa, Iowa) 21 June 13  Fight choreographer teaches with safety first (Andy Goodell)

Jason Tipsword, a Society of American Fight Directors-certified fight choreographer, is instructing young actors preparing for “Romeo and Juliet” in eight movement disciplines, sword play and weapon work – all with the eye to making sure the stage action comes off exciting and safe!

An American in Paris

RAMONA SENTINEL (Gilroy, California) 27 June 13  Ramona’s master armorer wins French jousting competition

Jeffrey Hedgecock was the winner of the “Tournois de la Lance D’Argent” jousting competition in Neauphle-le-Chateau near Paris.

Hedgecock, a member of the Order of the Crescent, is the master armorer at Historic Arms and Armour and the principal instructor at WorldJoust Tournaments’ Knight School.


WINNIPEG FREE PRESS (Manitoba) 22 June 13  A Little Off The Top (Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson)

Brut-force sabreing!

DAILY MAIL (London, UK) 27 June 13  The Sword is Mightier than  ...

Please note that that ones’ head remains protected behind the sword throughout the extension of the perfect lunge!