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I hope you’ll forgive Us, but the demands of the Ukraine-Russian situation have resulted in the total loss of my ‘free time’ of late (We just had a 71 hour work week … and We still have over a hundred herps to care for once we’re home!)  So … We’ll just peddle our bike past your yard at an insane speed and toss this in the direction of your porch.  Next week We will be in Vancouver at the Academie Duello, so there will not be a press posting.


A Copper Anniversary done with Steel

NECKAR-CHRONIK (Germany) 17 March 14  Erhalt der europäischen Schwertkunst / Lehrgang in Nordstetten (Marion Tischbein)

The staff and members of ASV Nordstetten held their seventh annual ‘Sword Circle’ event in Horb-Nordstetten.  25 participants from five German salles got together for a medieval longsword seminar which featured a variety of instruction by numerous teachers.  Understanding of the principles of swordmanship, swordplay and proper historical technique were all essential elements of the program.

Play Nice … but Hit Him Again!

THE WESTERN FRONT (Bellingham, Washington) 14 March 14  Play fights - Combat Workshop (Emily Willeman)

Fight director and educator Robert Macdougall taught 15 students of the Western’s Stage Combat Club how to punch, kick, fall … and then get up and do it all over again.

Stage combat, like any sport, is physical and quick. Someone who isn’t properly trained is at the risk of hurting themselves or others.

“First and foremost, [proper stage combat is] about safety,” student Fred Tse said. “It’s all about making sure that everyone involved is safe, whether safe physically [or] emotionally. The number one goal is to minimize, if not eliminate, any potential hazards.”

Other important concepts include learning how to properly stage realistic interaction and learning to combine the fast movement and illusions of violence with staying in character and setting a scene, Tse said.

Making the fight seem realistic and staying in character is the ultimate goal of onstage fighting.

Document – document – document!

Stolen SwordsLONDON EVENING STANDARD (UK) 18 March 14  Gang steals £6,000 worth of deadly swords and axes from Mountfitchet Castle in Essex (Alexandra Rucki)

A gang of thieves broke into Mountfitchet Castle in Essex and pilfered more than £6,000 worth of medieval weapons including double handed “razor sharp” swords, daggers, axes, helmets and chainmail.

Each item is marked with DNA forensic protection indelible ink, making all the weapons traceable.





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