Getting Out of the Salle Sword Press

We so-o-o envy our European peers!  If their salles are closed for the holidays, they still have a multiple of choices as to where to go to maintain and expand their interests in things HEMA/WMA. 

You kids go (sword)play in the backyard!


DAILY RECORD (Ellensburg, Washington) 28 December 12  Medieval swordplay group to offer classes

Four hours driving south of the Academie Duello, we find ‘Kron’, a non-profit educational organization based on a historic code of chivalry, will soon offer fencing and historical martial arts classes through the Ellensburg Parks and Recreation Department.

“Practicing this art connects a lot of people to a lost part of their cultural heritage,” said Eric Slyter, executive director of Kron. “Even hundreds of years later, this is an effective combat art. I think people will be more surprised by the similarities than the differences between this and other forms of martial arts.”


Keeping the kids busy over the Holidays I


STIMME RUSSLANDS (Moscow, Russia) 22 December 12  Uraler Waffenschmiede präsentieren ihre Kunst (Armen Apresjan)

The art and science of the armourers of Zlatoust are being featured in an exhibition by the Kolomenskoye Museum.  There are over 400 items on display, many never seen before – and include pieces such as armour built for a young Emperor Alexander II, and the ceremonial sabre of Leonid Brezhnev.


Keeping the kids busy over the Holidays II


NEUE ZÜRCHER ZEITUNG (Switzerland) 24 November 12  Ein stumpfes Schwert zu Albaniens Geburtstag (Thomas Fuster)

In celebration of Albania’s 100th Anniversary, the Austrian Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna is showing the weaponry of the Albanian national hero George Kastrioti Skanderbeg (1405-1468).  Before you book your flight to Europe please note, there is quite a lot of archeological debate as to whether these relics are authentic or not.


Putting the Kids to work over the Holidays!


DRESDEN EINS (Germany) 13 December 12  Umzug mit Schwert und Schild

The only VISS event that We don’t look forward to, is the packing and repacking of way too many blades and armour bits to be flown half-way across the continent … twice!

On the other hand, We could have spent our holidays at the Dresden Armory helping them package and register over 1,000 individual, 15th-18th C items for a 300 km move.


Jousting – Lite!


THE GAZETTE (Gaithersburg, Maryland) 27 December 12  Sports broke many records in 2012 - From jousting to football, 2012 was a memorable year for Frederick County (Travis Mewhirter)

Writer Mewhirter offers a back-handed compliment to his state’s sport with his inclusion of the 45th National Jousting Championships in his 2012 top-10 Maryland sporting events.

But then again, We suppose that the only thing worse for a sport than being talked about is ‘not’ being talked about.