Holiday snaps

I’m on holiday at the moment, and far too full of sun and food to stir myself into writing a proper post.  But I thought you all might enjoy some photos of the RCMP Musical Ride Museum & Stables in Ottawa:

Three year olds enjoying turnout.

Stables Venus

The stables.


A display of lances used in the Ride.  They are lighter than the quarterstaves we use for spear practice, but heavier than the thin-shafted lances we use for throwing.

Farrier Shoes

The farrier’s station.


Saddles used in the Ride over the years.  From left to right: a western stock saddle, a military saddle, and an all purpose English saddle similar to the custom Stubbens they now use.

E_herd_1 Ebony__emma_2 E_herd_2 Ebony__emma Horse_girls

The “E” herd.  The black Hanoverians bred for the Ride are named (like Canadians) with a first letter corresponding to the year of their birth.  If I calculate correctly from the tour guide’s info, this lot were all four year olds.


We were sorely tempted to bring this one home with us:  at 12hh, and covered with plush he looks much more comfy than our falsemounts!

If you’re ever in the Ottawa region this is a great little museum to visit.  It’s free and friendly, set amid the grassy hills of Rockcliffe park.

o o o

If thoughts of the Musical Ride have you wanting to try out your drill team skills, don’t forget that every Friday for the next month is Mounted Combat Practice at Red Colt, from 4 – 7pm, and our next series of Riding & Horsemanship starts up on Saturday August 11th.



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