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‘Hi-Tech’ initiatives continue offer us interesting tools for supporting our intent to fully and authentically recreate the fighting styles and ‘feel’ of our chosen medieval or renaissance period.  Modern metallurgy guided by experienced metal-smithing has resulted in a dependable supply of consistent-quality, practice-ready, metal blades at an affordable price.  Chemical engineering yields ‘artificial blades’ and light-weight protective options.  Our knowledge of the original details of rare-fight books has exploded thanks to their omnipresent availability in a variety of translations on the Web 2.0.  Classes in theory and drills are no longer restricted to a Salle, but can be accessed on-line at a time of your own convenience.  What’s next? 

Hilt Patterns – Shagreen or Polycarbonate?


FORBES (New York, New York) 13 June 12  Neal Stephenson’s CLANG is a Kickstarter devoted to Sword-Fighting (Erik Kain)

FORBES (New York, New York) 13 June 12  Sword Fighting with the Razer Hydra in CLANG

And We’re still with Neal Stephenson’s sword-fighting video game initiative with two articles by the same author.

The first is an interesting high-tech, computer-centric discussion of the high-tech difficulties of realistically simulating high-impact, low-tech sword melee.  For example: “Roundhouse swings and crude blocks just aren’t enough. Real sword fighting involves multiple attacks delivered from different stances, pommel strikes, grappling, feints, and parries.”

The second article offers us a glimpse of what might end up poking out of our sword bags or Christmas stockings sometime in the near future.


Fighting further down under than Down Under


EAST & BAYS COURIER (Auckland, New Zealand) 13 June 12  Members put to the sword (Kelsey Fletcher)

If Russia and the Ukraine are too far to travel to connect with fellow WMA enthusthiasts, you can always head south, w-a-y south.

President David Baskeyfield of the Auckland Sword and Shield Society says what differentiates his group from live-action roleplay is the group’s intention to discover its 13th century lineage.

“It’s a desire to not let that knowledge vanish. And we’re not the only people doing it, there are huge movements all over the world.”


An insult and indignity


L’UNION (Reims, France) 04 June 12  L’épée de Jeanne d’Arc encore vandalisée (Alain Moyat)

The Notre-Dame cathedral statue of Jeanne d’Arc continues to have problems with vandalisation.  Intermittantly, the heroine’s sword is severly damaged or actually stolen – and each incident costs about $6500 to repair.


Canadian Content Honours


WESTERN STAR (Corner Brook, Newfoundland) 24 May 12  Longtime Sergeant-at-Arms from Corner Brook retires (James McLeod)

The presentation of swords as a recognition of honours earned in canada is not restricted to the military.  The Legislature of Newfoundland found a thoughtful way of recognising the long-term, efforts of long-time Sergeant-at-Arms Elizabeth Gallagher.

We found it intriging that Newfoundland’s historical ties with this short sword symbol originated in that secretive, hot-bed of Canadian sword activity – Saskatchewan!


Come Over and Play at My House!


GIZMODO (Rosenberg, Texas) 08 June 12  House Made of Chain Mail Can Survive Rocks, Swords, Flaming Arrows (Adrian Covert)

So, you’ve decided to get aboard the gravy train that is the modern Salle-at-Arms in a major city.  Just how are you going to get your fine establishment to stand out from all of the competition across the street?