International Sword and other Pointed Press

This week We have offerings from two distinct disciplines.

But before you make up your mind as to the relative merits of the two, let Us take just a moment to remind you about which of the two is the ‘Master’. Cheers, Wes (…


Swords in Action


KYIV POST (Ukraine) 22 March 12  Fencing tournament

By the time I’m posted this – the ‘Knights of Kiev’ historical fencing contest will have passed …

Use this link for the detailed schedule, vice the one in the press item:


Sword Rap – Swords as Culture


SHEFFIELD TELEGRAPH (UK) 25 March 12  Sword of the dance

The following is not so much WMA/HEMA related, as it is representative about the place of swords within some western cultures outside of the usual fencing, military or honour/achievement presentation venues.

The artistic troupe ‘The Traipse’ is trundling around the countryside demonstrating traditional sword-dancing built upon five dancers manoeuvring ‘rappers’ – flexible metal swords.

Notwithstanding what current music culture would lead us to believe; it appears that ‘rapper culture’ originated in (medieval?) Northumbrian mining villages!


HULL DAILY MAIL (UK) 21 March 12  The sword dancers were the hip hop heroes of their day


Swords as Symbols I


USA TODAY (Arlington, Virginia) 24 March 12  Gen. Robert E. Lee sword featured at Appomattox museum (Dean Hoffmeyer)

Our American peers might not have a long history of ‘fight books’ or sword play practice in duels; but they do have a longstanding, rich culture and tradition of using swords as monuments to leadership, bravery and accomplishment.

The sword General Lee had at his side when he surrendered at Appomattox will be the centerpiece of a new Museum of the Confederacy.

The sword has been freshly conserved after years of polishing had erased much of the golden luster from the brass. The nearly 3 ½-foot sword now sparkles, from the lion head on its pommel to the gilded relief on its steel blade. It has an ivory grip.

The sword was intended for ceremonial use. There is no evidence Lee used it in battle.…


Swords as Symbols II


NEWS-DEMOCRAT (Belleville, Illinois) 20 March 12  Taking a Confederate sword to the grave of its owner: ‘It was spooky’ (Wally Spiers)

Allen Wandling is an exampled of dogged determination as he researched the origins of a civil war sword – ultimately to find it was that of Colonel William P. Rogers, who fell in the Battle of Corinth on Oct. 4, 1862.

Of note is how his efforts connected individuals with family connections to the man that wielded the sword – and to those fighting against him!

A tactical note for those that practice swordplay based on 19th Century techniques: sword-proof armour is not cannon-proof.


A Hunger for Archery


GLOBE AND MAIL (Toronto, Ontario) 25 March 12  Archery gets its pop-culture moment  (Dave McGinn)

If you ever wondered if popular programming could have an effect on WMA or related sports; the latest interest of young people turning to archery should settle any argument.

With archery’s popularity in the culture over the recent past – driven by ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Avatar’; and this year’s surge thanks to ‘The Hunger Games’ and the upcoming ‘Avengers’ movie; archery clubs across Canada expect to see a wave of people all aquiver to give the sport a try.

Given the rise in its popularity, the national body governing the sport has recently made a timely move to help support it across the country.

We in the sword-based WMA can only hope that ‘Game of Thrones’ could be as helpful to our recruiting and education initiatives.…


LOS ANGELES TIMES (California) 21 March 12  Interest in archery shoots up with ‘Hunger Games’ mania (Tiffany Hsu),0,541535.story?…


ZANESVILLE TIMES RECORDER (Ohio) 25 March 12  ‘Hunger Games’ could launch archery boom (Jane Prendergast)

“Movies do give it a spurt, … But once the kids realize it’s not as easy as the movies make it look, they usually drop out.”…


Archery – Looking Good – and Good For You.


THE CITIZEN (Gloucester, UK) 17 March 12  Archery the cure

Thanks to a link-up between the town’s Tyndale Archers and a local medical centre, 14 people have signed up for archery lessons – As prescribed by their family doctors!